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Welded Safety

Types of Welding Hazards

The radiation exposure

•Can cause retinal burning and cataracts

•Proper lenses while using appropriate shading

must always become worn

•UV radiation may not be sensed simply by heat or perhaps


Types of Welded Hazards

Electric powered shock

•Two kinds of electrical shock: primary voltage

shock and extra voltage shock

•Primary voltage shock requires 230 or perhaps 460

volts and is caused by touching both the lead

in the welding products and the

welding equipment circumstance or additional grounded

metallic while the machines are powered ON

Types of Welding Hazards

Electric impact

•Secondary volts shock requires 60 to 100

w and is brought on by touching an integral part of the

electrode circuit as well as the side in the welding


The basic arc-welding circuit �

Types of Welding Hazards

Electric shock

•Do the next to avoid electric shock:

➤ Keep dried and put on dry hand protection.

➤ Stand or rest on particle board, rubber pads or

other insulation.

➤ Do not snooze any area of the body within the


➤ Keep electrodes and electrode holders in

good condition.

➤ Do not contact electrodes or metal parts with

both the skin or wet garments.

Types of Welding Dangers

Fires and explosions

•The welding method can produce intense heat;

however , fire problems are not due to the heat yet

by the effect of the heat around the workpiece, just like

sparks and molten metal.

•Keep the effort area and all surrounding areas free

of combustible items.

•Be careful when working in dusty locations where

sparks and dust particles may easily oxidize devoid of

warning, that may result in a expensive fire or perhaps an


Types of Welding Hazards

Fires and explosions

•Do the following to safeguard from open fire and explosions:

➤ Constantly know where fire completely and open fire

extinguishers are located.

➤ If welding inside 35 feet of a butano

object, start using a fire viewer, who can enjoy

for getting sparks.

Types of Welding Hazards

Gases and fumes

•Fumes have particles by base metallic and base

metal layer

•Effects from fumes are normally temporary

•Symptoms caused by initial exposure to fumes

can include using eyes, losing skin, fatigue,

nausea, and fever.

•Long-term exposure to smells can cause siderosis

(which will be iron debris in the lungs) and can affect

pulmonary function.

Types of Welding Problems

Fumes and gases

•Zinc fumes may cause metal storm fever, which is a

temporary illness similar to the flu virus.

•Cadmium smoke can cause symptoms similar to

metallic fume fever; however , it can be fatal, even

under short exposure

•When shielding fumes are unveiled into the atmosphere, they

may cause dizziness, unconsciousness, and even

loss of life if clean oxygen can be withheld for a long enough


Types of Welding Problems

Fumes and gases

•UV radiation varieties gases in order to hits the environment, which

could cause headaches, upper body pains, eye diseases,

and itching in the nasal area and can range f.

Types of Welding Problems

Fumes and gases

•Do the following to safeguard from blow a gasket and gas exposure:

➤ Ensure enough ventilation in the work area.

➤ Wear suitable personal protective

equipment, such as a respirator.

➤ Read material safety data sheets just before

beginning job to learn what fumes may be



➤ Become acquainted with the alloys that are

getting used to determine when a paint or coating can

cause harmful fumes or perhaps gases.

Types of Welded Hazards

Smells and gases

•Do the subsequent to protect from fume and gas direct exposure:

➤ In the event that symptoms of fatigue, headache, or perhaps nausea

happen, turn off the welding gear, notify

supervisors and co-workers, and get fresh air


Types of Welding Risks

Confined places

•Examples of confined spots include a furnace, tank, or perhaps

hold of a ship in which all the welding hazards will be

amplified, including insufficient fresh air, fume and gas

direct exposure, and odds of fire or explosion.

Types of Welded Hazards

Restricted spaces

•Do the...

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