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Economic Ratio Quarterly Trend Analysis of

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This record provides a economic quarterly trend analysis pertaining to Apple Inc. The U. S. based company (formerly Apple Computer, Incorporation. ) is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells electronics, computer software, and personal computers. You’re able to send best-known equipment products are the Macintosh type of computers, the iPod, the iPhone plus the iPad. Apple has been around since the mid- 70's, known by its past name. By July 2011, Apple has 357 retail stores in eight countries, and an online retail outlet. It is the largest publicly traded business in the world by simply market capitalization, overtopping ExxonMobil by some $150 billion dollars, as well as the most significant technology company in the world simply by revenue and profit, really worth more than Yahoo and Microsoft company combined. By September twenty four, 2011, the company had 70, 400 permanent full-time employees and 2, 900 short-term full-time staff worldwide; its worldwide gross annual sales totaled $65 billion, growing to $108 billion in 2011. Apple computers. stocks happen to be publicly traded on National Affiliation of Investments Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), under the image " AAPL”, which I will use to reference the company over the report. The group chose to analyze AAPL for the next reasons:

* Apple's remarkable accomplishment and recent considerable notoriety in the media. 5. We believe that studying the firm's monetary statements will offer us important insights about Apple's monetary strategies, that help us become better managers at determining, analyzing, and resolving financial problems. Trading information and financial assertions for AAPL were from various economic websites which includes: Yahoo Fund; finapp. forbes. com; and MSN Funds. We select financial info from these web sites for AAPL's closest competition in the industry Dell Inc. Were using Dell's ratios while industry standards for the purposes with this report. Essential financial proportions for both equally companies were computed to get the 4 most recent sectors, and these types of form the monetary trend assessment, and industry performance comparative financial research. In addition , all of us carried out a comparative SWOT analysis to get AAPL and used this kind of qualitative details, together with the quantitative data from the previously mentioned pattern and industry comparative studies, to provide advice to traders and loan providers.

A. Economical Ratio Calculations and Examination

A. 1Methodology

Our team received income transactions, balance bedsheets, cash flow claims, and trading information pertaining to AAPL AND DELL to get the 4 most recent sectors (March 2011, June 2011, September 2011, and December 2011) from our three internet sources. These data were entered into stand out spreadsheets that happen to be included in Appendix A. A. 2Ratio Calculations

The following table is a synopsis of the outcomes of the percentage computations for AAPL: AAPL: Key Economical Ratios

Fluid Ratios| Q1| Q2| Q3| Q4| Twelve-monthly

Current RatioQuick RatioNet Working Capital RatioCurrent Liabilities to Inventory RatioCash RatioOperating Ratio| 1 . 931. 55. 242. 626. 572. 13| 1 ) 751. 40. 193. 024. 502. 05| 1 . 611. 33. 153. 603. 512. 25| 1 ) 581. 23. 152. 802. 981. 67| 1 . 581. 23. 152. 802. 981. 95| Property Ratios| Q1| Q2| Q3| Q4| Twelve-monthly

Inventory Yield RatioFixed Assets RatioTotal Property RatioAsset to Equity Ratio| 2 . 72. 51. 261. 54| several. 22. forty eight. 271. 54| 3. 40. 40. 241. 52| 5. 37. fifty five. 331. 54| 12. 051. 52. 921. 54

Profitability Ratios| Q1| Q2| Q3| Q4| Twelve-monthly

Come back on Resources RatioReturn in Equity RatioProfit Margin RatioBasic Earnings Electric power RatioEarnings per Share Ratio|. 661. 032. 43. 83640. 63|. 761. 182. 56. 89781. 20|. 651. 012. 34. 76707. 36| 1 . 161. 812. 82. 131393. 70| installment payments on your 934. 562. 582. 023518. 59| Debt Ratios| Q1...

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