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Amadeus Manual

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Sign In/ Sign Out


Amadeus Work Areas

Amadeus gives six (6) work areas in which a travel agent may sign-in to. These function areas happen to be known as Agent Assembly Areas (AAA's). The work areas could be considered as half a dozen separate contacts to Amadeus where you can make or alter reservations. The six operate areas are each presented an designation A through F.

The command to show off the status of the function areas is usually:


Display Display

Any work area will automatically sign-out if remaining idle for a 3-hour period. Any data pending in that work area will probably be ignored.

Sign In/Sign Out Command

The Amadeus program requires every user to sign-in and identify themselves so that the users sign-in code can be recorded in bookings. The sign-in command is normally referred to as " Jump In" due to the command identifier JI.

There are two duty rules used in the JI order, Agent Sell (travel brokers only) (AS) and Director (SU).

Command Format




Other Instructions and Options


Indication into every six operate areas A, B, C, D, Elizabeth, F.


Display your job area status.


Approach from current work area to work area B.


Sign out of current workshop only


Sign out of certain work area A (Jump Out)


Sign out coming from all work areas A/B/C/D/E/F


Move to workshop C with existing Sign in by default

Practice Training


The Practice Training system is a part of the Amadeus Central System where one can simulate deals. In this way, you can experience doing work in the Amadeus Central Program without affecting real air travel inventory.

The machine appends the notation *TRN* to your display screen displays to indicate that you are employing Practice Training.

The Practice Training system sign in control identifier is definitely JJ. Control Format

JJ /

Command Example


Sign next offered work area in Practice Teaching


Display Display

Additional Commands and Options

JMA Move coming from current workshop (using Practice Training) to work area A. JO

Signal out of current workshop.


Screen work area position

Command Recall/History

Command Recollect is a function that allows you to re-display your past entries. You may have received an error response and need to re-enter your entrance. You may modify and re-enter with the order recall function key. The history function crucial allows you to visually see what entries you have imputed and what the system has responded, however you are unable to edit that

You can also get Command Call to mind with the subsequent commands: Keep down the ALTBIER key and the ARROW up button, this can be another variation which allows you to run through numerous commands you entered by making use of your arrow keys.

Call to mind Entry

You are able to recall the very last entry or entries, you have made in the Amadeus Central System. RE



To recall the last access.

To recall the admittance made prior to last entrance.

To recollect the entry that is too much time for your port.

Amadeus Data System (AIS)

The Amadeus Information Program (AIS) can be described as central method to obtain reference details, which is preserved by Amadeus and service providers. The information stored in AIS is definitely referenced by using a structure consisting of 3 levels: Category, Subject matter & Site.

The command identifier for AIS is GG and it is often referred to as " Go Get". Command Format


Command word Examples


Display BARDEAU Main Menu


Alphabetical list of all categories in AIS, starting with A


Display information on access and performance level of Surroundings France


Display information about function level for all airlines


Display information on access level for all airlines


List of service providers with beginning country.


Display air travel information particularly for British Breathing passages


Display list of users...

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