Assess the perspective that the primary function of the education method is to reproduce and legitimise social inequalities Essay

The education program has problems and many inequalities throughout it. The inequalities can be seen in a number of areas including, meritocracy, distinct social classes, gender and ethnic inequalities, racism, ethnic capital, and repressive condition apparatuses and so forth Various sociologists have different views about the training system and what the inequalities consist of. The neo-Marxist Althusser (1971) disagrees that the main function with the education may be the transmission of common values. He considers that education is a great ideological condition apparatus and its main function is to maintain, Legitimate and reproduce, technology by generation, class inequalities in prosperity and electrical power by transmitting capitalist beliefs disguised as common values. Althusser also believes that ideology is done subconsciously throughout the hidden programs. He considers that the method schools are organized plus the way the curriculum is taught implies that working-class individuals are encouraged to conform to the capitalist program and accept failure and inequality in their class. Bowles and Gintis's correspondence theory suggests that what happens in school matches directly to the world of work. Teachers are seen to be the bosses and pupils are like the workers, who also work for returns. However , Bowles and Gintis suggest that the achievements of the learners is not entirely depending on ability. The pupils who have conform to the principles, rise above individuals who express attitudes or display behaviour which challenge the device. Schools replicate sets of workers together with the appropriate techniques for being intended for the position that they can come to occupy. That is why white middle-class pupils normally do better on their own. This is invisible throughout education and people believe it is just meritocracy, so persons blame themselves for rejected success. And so the education program reproduces the inequalities besides making them seem fair. Reynolds (1984) criticizes Bowles and Gintis's messages theory as he claims which the curriculum set in...

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