Attrition Evaluation Essay

Project Subject – " Understanding Factors behind Attrition in IT & ITES Industry” Name of the Company: TECHNOLOGY MAHINDRA LTD. Name with the Institute: Amity Global Business School, Pune Project Period: Two months (June 1, 2011 – Come july 1st 31, 2011)

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Neha Agrawal

MBA (HR + Marketing), Semester III Batch 2010-2012 Towards the Incomplete Fulfilment of


Facult y Information Mrs. Alpana Sharma HRM Faculty Mutuality Global Organization School, Pune

Industry Guideline Mr. Sujeet Matwankar Older manager HUMAN RESOURCES Operations, BSG Tech Mahindra Ltd., Pune



I had a fantastic learning experience during my internship & required great work in achieving the task successfully. This, however , may have never been possible with no kind & unconditional support of many persons. I was highly delinquent to Mister. Sujeet Matwankar (Senior Administrator, Human Resources – Industry Guide) for offering the glowing opportunity, intended for his generous & continuous support, intended for constant direction as well as for featuring necessary data & assistance regarding the project. I would like to show my gratitude towards Mrs. Swati Dixit (Manager, HR), Mrs. Neha Chachoria (Manager, HR), & Mr Shashi Kumar (Sr Executive, HR). They have been excellent mentors & helped me quite a lot during my internships. Also, saying thanks to all people of the HOURS Team for encouragement & giving myself the right system. I would also like to extend my gratitude toward all staff of Technical Mahindra, with whom We interacted during the course of my internship project, for kind co-operation, without that this project would have never existed. I would really prefer to express my own special honor towards Doctor Chhabi Sinha Chavan (Dean, Amity Global Business University, Pune), that has always been available. Her support has been incredible & remarkable. She infuses tremendous amount of confidence & enthusiasm in us. I actually am appreciative to Mrs. Alpana Sharma (HRM & OB Faculty, Faculty Guide), who is mainly responsible for the successful completion of the project, meeting high standards of research. I would like to thank her profusely on her valuable & unparalleled direction & mentoring.

My bless you and appreciations also head to my fellow workers, friends & family in developing the project and those who have willingly helped me out with their talents.

Thank you most for your period & advices.



With the growing IT-ITES industry, the attrition rate also continues to grow. Limiting employee regret i t becoming one of the most important requirements in today‘s corporate age. Retaining the talent device and extending the employee life with their company is among the greatest goals and problems for the human resources employees. There is cut-throat

competition and constant employees may help companies to combat and survive in this competition, actually get a competitive advantage. Job growth, incomes, facilities, HUMAN RESOURCES management, marriage with administrators and associates are the major influencers in an employee‘s making decisions. Promising market, promising expansion charts and so the guaranteeing opportunities in the market for all employees. It is easy to always be tempted and switch careers at the trigger of least dissatisfaction developing out of any disputes. Th at the average regarding an IT -ITES staff would land somewhere between 25 -35 365 days range. This is young India and a young Indian today is driven, self -confident and motivated by goals for a better life. He is also a little bit impatient and is also in a hurry to get it almost all. So , although companies continue to offer increasingly more opportunities, and make an desirable show intended for the job portals, why is it they are unable to become attractive enough for their very own employees? To explore the same, this topic was chosen intended for careful study and evaluation during internship at Tech Mahindra. It handles extensive worker interaction in different levels, departments,...

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