Essay on General


Query 1

Describe various system design and development strategies.

Question two

Write brief notes on following:

• Data Exploration

• IT Outsourcing

Query 3

Differentiate between LOS and TPS






Queen 1-Justify the need for and relevance of business owners in an economic climate like India

Q 2-What is project appraisal? Sophisticated the process associated with getting environmental clearance for the proposed company.

Q 3-Discuss the support provided by the National Little Industries Firm Ltd. to small-scale industries in the country


What are the natural strengths an opportunities lading to global competitiveness inside the following industries: a) Vehicle component

b) Pharmaceutical

c) fMCG,%2520September%25202012.pdf+swot+analysis+of+fmcg+sector+to+grow+globally&hl=en&gl=in&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESghZt1AfRBXWV2l3JDEX7lO-JRI3F9KSWafnHj41wL57nrDwT9ciBZqzCAdvh3InTdPFPq9S2COaXKX2oQS0i-Bmo5oIt-h4_GKVYs7otq0aQSjoYAOA_01vNryXPaNKWzsAoN-&sig=AHIEtbSgF73nXXcUNlTwkX_Liq2Ki6ZR3Q

1 . Exactly what are appropriate organizational structures for global corporations as recommended in Barlett and Ghoshals classifications?


What are the problems involved in Global Human resource management? Clarify the some C'sModel to judge an...

Global Benefit Chains, Regional Collective Actions and Corporate Sociable Responsibility Article