Essay upon Benetton S. W. Um. T




Benetton Group is regarded as a fully top to bottom integrated company. The company counts with a solid market position.

It has a great reputation.

Manufacturer is identified worldwide. It is just a world leader in the design, making and promoting of unique casual clothes for guy, women and children. Effective marketing strategy.

The group has its own center of r and d: Fabrica.


High cost framework.

Goods are overpriced.

The polemical advertisement approach may impact negatively for the customer's image of the company. The corporation sells practically 80 percent of its products through franchisees and partners at wholesale prices, less than half the retail worth. Benetton hasn't been able to observe demand and tweak products assortments along with rivals including H& M and Inditex, which function most of all their retail spots. Because of its debatable campaigns Benetton's retailers may well terminate their particular contracts to prevent the loss of their very own customer's confidence. Since Benetton is pass on all over the world, the organization doesn't have a new geographical marketplace to get in with the exception of america.


Increase its position and gain business in the United States. Alter its business design of making clothing seasonally in order to play with rivals who generate fast stylish clothes in only two weeks. Generate discount retailers to make its products more affordable and gain business on diverse segments of the population.


Competitors like Zara, GAP, H& Meters have learned fast style and produce high quality and less expensive goods in only fourteen days. Change in consumer preferences thanks the availability of trendy and affordable style clothes of competitors. Economical slowdown because of the aggressive competition and cost inflation. The rising cost of raw materials plus the high cost of their business model might increase the cost gap among its products...

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