Caaptt Jeremy Kyle Records Essay


Text A is a transcript that comes from a common television chat chow ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show'. The interview is usually between Jeremy Kyle and Andrew, a 22 year old man that is accused of cheating on his wife. The show provides a direct audience of the facilities crowd but it has been televised for mostly female viewers at home inside the daytime. The show entertains its market by exposing the personal problems of friends on the show even though Jeremy Kyle councils these people. The text is fairly confrontational, up front and extreme. Text M is also a transcript that comes from a discussion show; it can be from the female's chat present ‘Loose Woman'. The interview is between four presenters and Haley Mills, a famous occasional actress. The shows audience, much like ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show' has also been televised for mainly female audiences watching in the home in the day. Unlike ‘Jeremy Kyle' the show entertains its market by talking of their opinions about topics and focusing on their particular life achievements. The text is incredibly positive and light-hearted. Talk

Text A has a low register with colloquial language such as " you alright” and monosyllabic lexis such as " No”, " What” and " Yea”. A decreased register is also highlighted by making use of taboo lexis like " Fuck you! ”. Even so text N has a moderate register since it has increased formality, more complex sentence buildings and clear of taboo lexis. In Textual content B, Haley Mills runs on the great number of hesitations, replication of the personal pronoun " I” is seen many times inside the text, for example , " I actually (. ) I (. ) I actually (. ) I have to (. ) I actually (. ) I (. ) I absolutely have to enhance you girls”. Mills uses these to gain more time to take into account what the girl say next. Also she uses vehicle repairs like " That (. ) That (. ) Well (. ) Very well (. ) He's (. )” to fix her speech so the girl gets this right. In addition fillers just like " Ummmm”. The features are common in feminine speech. In Text A however there are fewer hesitations but even more interruptions just like " A: Yea I do JK: And also you said c.


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