Censorship in Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Real life Censorship Throughout the Pen of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury drew ideas for his fiction work, Fahrenheit 451, from the political and sociable issues which usually confronted his generation. By fast forwarding his environment a hundred years into the future, Bradbury was able to effectively represent a governmental program which was filled with fear and described much of it is apprehension onto the people that they swore to serve. In Bradbury's generation, more than any other, the magnitude and benefits of government was brought into issue and creators, artists, and directors voiced their thoughts through their particular respected means. Bradbury uses his story to express his beliefs which the governments of his time had become overbearing and unjust. Bradbury uses symbolism to provide examples about how governments had resorted to strict censorship and uses of propaganda to influence popular opinion.

Bradbury lived during Nazi Germany's terrifying reign of electricity and represented the government organised book burnings to the firemen in Fahrenheit 451. These types of book burnings became synonymous with Nazi clampdown, dominance. The Nazi hierarchy performed this to avoid the distributed of groundbreaking ideas and keep the persons in a well known " range. ” Bradbury goes as far to include a fact at the start of his book, " Fahrenheit 451- The temperatures at which publication paper catches fire and burns” (Bradbury). In a blatant way, Bradbury ties the entire idea of the firemen and their pursuit of full censorship coming from all outside tips to a famous happening, in which book daily news did, in fact , catch burning down and burn off. He immediately jumps in to the story with this truth, which allows set up one of many conflicts which in turn takes place involving the institution from the firemen and the war on ebooks. This conflict can be straight related to a society known for a never ending war on exterior ideas. Most likely Diane Telgen said that best, " These book burnings started to be a major mark of the repression that implemented Nazi Germany. ”...

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