Essay about Child Misuse and the Rights System

Katie Whitmer

English 111-N1

Ms. Mary Lanier

twenty-one April 2011

Child Abuse and the Justice System

Kid abuse is known as a growing problem in the United States. Three million circumstances of child abuse were reported in 2009. Among those cases was my relative Leah. Leah endured mental and physical abuse to get the initial three years of her your life. Leah today lives in a secure place with my parents. Even though, Leah sees a child therapist once a week as a result of damage her mother do to her, she actually is thriving in her fresh home. Spankings, name-calling, and yelling parents have fixed their children by doing this for years. For centuries, children had been considered the real estate of the father and mother. Parents could discipline youngsters in any way they saw suit. As the progressed, the courts have taken an interest in how children are disciplined. The courts think and people who spank their children happen to be abusing all of them, children must be in the care of their biological parents, as well as the punishment pertaining to child maltreatment is adequate. Society has not done enough to protect vulnerable children. Six categories establish abuse: physical abuse, mental abuse, physical neglect, medical neglect, lovemaking abuse, and failure to thrive. Physical abuse is classified every injury caused on a child of a non-accidental nature. Mental Abuse is usually described as triggering fear or feelings of unworthiness by simply locking your child in a closet, ignoring the child, or belittling them. Physical neglect is described as failing to satisfy the children's basic needs. Medical forget is defined as faltering to meet the child's standard medical requires. The two most serious categories of abuse will be sexual maltreatment and failure to flourish. Sexual abuse is any contact of a sexual character with a child. Failure to thrive is usually classified because the child certainly not growing how he or she should certainly. There are two sub-categories of failure to thrive, organic and non-organic. Organic can be any medical problem that influences the kid's health. nonorganic is where...


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