Essay in DBF Carlsberg Asia Researching the market


Carlsberg Asia/China

Market Research for DBF

November 2005

by InterMark A/S

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Carlsberg Technique in Asia3

Carlsberg Location in Asia4

Asian Dark beer Market4

Carlsberg Position in Asia5

Top Brewery Organizations in Asia 20036

Group Companies Asia/China6




Carlsberg Strategy in Asia


To make Carlsberg a leading brewery group and the Carlsberg manufacturer the leading worldwide brand in Asia – and produce Asia the second growth engine for the Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg is well positioned to achieve this eyesight

Already solid position in several markets

Well-researched in biggest growth markets (except India)

Carlsberg brand – well positioned in various markets, and strong progress opportunities in others Long history and big experience in operating in Asia


Grow through

Developing existing businesses

Acquisition / new business and strategic forces

Focus for Acquisition/New Business and Strategic Alliance Focus intended for Acquisition/New Organization and Proper Alliance:




Also opportunities in other marketplaces

Other opportunities

increase the business in Thailand, The Philippines, Taiwan, just to point out a few

Carlsberg Position in Asia

Zero major " Pan Asian”brewery group

Big brewery teams get most of the volume from home market

Carlsberg group with the top regarding " Pan Asian penetration” Carlsberg subsidiaries / acquaintances mostly in top positions

Strong occurrence in large growth marketplaces

Carlsberg manufacturer –a leading international high quality brand in Asia when it comes to " Baking pan Asian penetration”–only challenged simply by Heineken Carlsberg brand –very strong position in " new markets”, and with excellent expansion platform in other markets BrandsHite – leading beer manufacturer in H. Korea

Jinro–leading liquor manufacturer in H. Korea (largest in the world) Hite and Jinro: a strong combination

In China, a couple of brands (Lhasa and Huanghe) out of only your five " Cina Famous Brand”for beer goods Angkor Ale –a potential " countrywide treasure”in Cambodia Beer Lao –already a " national treasure”in Laos –most famous brand in Laos Hanoi dark beer –leading dark beer brand in North Vietnam (MoUsigned with HABECO) Hudabeer –leading dark beer brand in Central Vietnam

LionBeer, leadingbeerbrand in Sri Lanka

And many other solid beer brands

Asian Dark beer Market

Carlsberg Position in Asia

Top Brewery Groups in Asia 2003

Brewery GroupVolume ‘000HL

1 1 . Tsingtao(Anheuser-Busch)32, 961

2 installment payments on your Asahi31, 663

3 several. China Assets (SABMiller)27, 628

4 four. Kirin23, 993

5 a few. Yanjing22, 221

6 six. Carlsberg nineteen, 946

several 7. San Miguel14, 181

8 almost eight. Harbin(A-B)11, 824

9 9. Golden Lion10, 714

twelve 10. InBev10, 682

Group Companies Asia/China

1 . Bottling and Making Group Limited., Blantyre, Malawi

2 . Color Brewery Limited., Hue, Vietnam

3. South-East Asia Brewery Ltd., Hanoi, Vietnam

4. International Refreshment Distributors Ltd., Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Tibet Lhasa Brewery Company Limited, Lhasa, Tibet, China

6th. Huanghe Jianjiang (Lanzhou) Brewery Company Limited, Lanzhou, Gansu, China six. Qinghai Huanghe Jianiang Brewery Company Ltd., Xining, Qinghai, China almost 8. Wusu Dark beer, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

9. Jiuquan West Brewery Company Ltd., Jiuquan, Gansu, China 12. Gansu Tianshui Benma Brewery Company Ltd., Tianshui, Gansu, China 10. Carlsberg Thai Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

12. Hite Brewery Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea 1)

13. Carlsberg Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore

18. Brewery Make investments Pte. Ltd, Singapore

15. Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia of sixteen. Carlsberg Marketing Sdn BHD, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 17. Euro Distributors Sdn BHD, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 18. The Big cat Brewery Ceylon, Biyagama, Ceylon (veraltet)

19. Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong, Chinese suppliers

twenty. Carlsberg Brewery Guangdong Limited., Huizhou, China

21 years old. Tsingtao Ale Shanghai Songjiang Co. Limited., Shanghai, China 22. Carlsberg Hong Kong...

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