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Simiao, was among the China's important treasures in neuro-scientific medicine. The study of complex chemical compounds to create nitroglycerine nitroc was likewise one of the Tang Dynasty input. Through the empire's success in the alchemy also brought about the inventions of gas cyl and ac. The water-proof creams, dust-repelling was created also for varnishing agent to weaponry, clothes and in many cases porcelains. The value of wood block producing was also one of Tang Dynasty greatest contribution because they have launched the concept of stamping images and text using woodblocks and later developed into newspaper. The study of Rules and Math were also visible Tang Dynasty achievements in neuro-scientific education, in which it marked a huge contribution for economical growth and stability of building a strong base for China. The Tang Dynasty accomplishments were extra-ordinarily exceptional, and the empire added greatly to art, social cultures, and foreign relations. The Renaissance

The Renaissance was a time of creativity and alter in Europe. It was a rebirth of cultural and intellectual hobbies after the stagnation of the dark ages. The Renaissance produced a age numerous achievements in art, books, and scientific research, but above all, it developed a new concept of how people thought of themselves, each other, and the world around them. The Renaissance was focused in Italy during the 1300s, before dispersing throughout Europe in the 1500 and 1600s. Humanism was an mental movement wherever people started to focus on your life in the present, that has been in contrast to the center Ages' concentrate on the what bodes. Humanism burdened the importance of education, with all the study of ancient Greek and Roman texts becoming the learning standard. Humanism also stressed the importance individuals. This motion was the power of the Renaissance and is reflected in the period's artistic, literary, and technological achievements. Renaissance artists and architects...