Economic Effects of Tourism in Austria Essay

Vienna Austria

Introduction to the town

Vienna is situated in the Northeast corner of Österreich, or Austria. Austria is landlocked and surrounded by ten countries: Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Slovak republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Swiss, and Liechtenstein. Austria offers nine states with Vienna being one of these. Of Austria's 8. 3 million persons, 1 . 7 million of which live in Vienna. It is the country's largest city and capital. Because the city lies on the Danube Riv, it is a major shipping slot for The european countries, moving about 12 , 000, 000 tons of freight a year. Seeing that Vienna can be inhabited by simply one 5th of Austria's population, this accounts for multiple fourth in the country's monetary performance. The structure of Vienna's economy is seen as the enormous significance of the service sector, which usually accounts for 83% of major value added (GVA).

Due to the centralized area in The european countries, Vienna and other Austrian cities have become popular tourist spots pertaining to vacationing Europeans in addition to tourists from all other continents. People visit Vienna for its cathedrals and castles. One of the most well-liked is the Schönbrunn Palace, that has been completed in 1711. The structure and fastened zoo experienced approximately 2 . 5 mil visitors in 2008. Visitors are also interested in Vienna's museums such as the Albertina and the Art gallery of Great Arts both with practically 1 mil visitors each in 08. Another reason people travel to Vienna is for The Prater. It is an amusement playground that goes back to the 1700s. In The Prater, the main appeal is the Huge Ferris Tire which brought in about 660, 000 site visitors in 08. Positive Influences

Local Economic climate

Vienna produces a massive volume of travel and leisure money in to both the town and its around areas, leading to this region to have secure and stable economic growth. Vienna is known as one of Europe's most good city locations by adding approximately four billion dollars Euros towards the economic wealth. " This is almost six per cent...

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