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Exec Summary

Web commerce has changed the business style inside the recent years. Even more businesses are shifting towards offering their products on the web through websites.

This paper investigates the e-business strategy of Yoox. com, a fashion e-tailer that sells its products through website online. I needed to explore the on-line branding strategy and simplicity of use of the business website. For this purpose, I evaluated literature regarding online personalisation and convenience of internet site.

In line with this literature, I actually analysed the areas of the organization and found that the company is using most of the aspects of the internet branding except it lack in rendering the customers using a facility to leave all their feedback about different products. While analysing the company web page, it was realized that some internet pages of the site have different navigation and lack in providing search facility for the shoppers.

At the end of the paper, it has been suggested to Yoox. com to allow the customers to leave feedback about distinct products mainly because it will make the company more clients oriented. Furthermore, I have recommended Yoox. com to use same navigation out of all web pages and provide search service to the clients in all the web pages of the web page as it will make the use of web page very easy.  


Liao & Cheung (2002) suggest that in the last number of years, technological advancements have performed a major role in the within business. Consider that as a result of improvements in technology, a lot of the businesses have updated all their marketing, managing, customer solutions systems as well as the manufacturing processes. Chaffey (2006) says that internet can be described as source that links numerous computer machines in all the countries. Similarly, Fraser et ing. (2000) possess stated that with the use of net, different businesses can use a range of information devices that help out with improving the general performance with the business. The most useful details system stated by them is World-wide-web which has totally changed the company styles worldwide. They believe that with the help of this info system, a business can open a global program while based in one region. Chaffey (2006) says that e-commerce is among the most useful method to obtain running business with the help of internet. He says that a business can get and sell diverse products through its ecommerce. He further states that with the help of e-commerce, a business can reach its customers and suppliers straight and it assists a business to enhance its interactions with the consumers as well.

This newspaper examines the e-business technique of Yoox, an online store. For this purpose, I've selected two activities of the company specifically, online marketing and client relationship management.

Introduction to Picked Company

There are millions of businesses running their very own business online. In this paper, I use chosen Yoox. com. The company started their business in Italy in 2000 and has its offices in Japan, UNITED STATES and European countries. It has the logistics companies in the same countries too and markets its products in 67 countries of the world. The business specialises to offer different trend products including clothes, shoes etc . Yoox. com innovatively promotes its products online which can be very difficult in promoting in the tradition shops. The business mostly sells designer companies specialises in selling end of season goods at reduced rates.

Online Logos

Kotler and Keller (2006) have explained brand like a name directed at a product of a company that helps the customers to identify it from the rival manufacturers. This individual considers which the brand of a firm plays an essential part in improving the sales of...

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