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Samuel Watso


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Patriotism may be the love, consideration, and satisfaction of the nation and its people. How upon shows how he/she sees their countries views and decisions. A person who cares about his or her country and the push for the views on the.

Patriotism is the love for ones country. If a soldier is definitely fighting for his nation, putting his or her life at risk, the people of the country he are struggling for over his/her family and family. Having the strangers all over the country that he/she is definitely fighting for, people that he may never meet, have precedence more than you own blood vessels. He/she could possibly be fighting to get his/her relatives too, but he/she does not work out to spend time with his/her family.

Patriotism is the compassion of the many persons putting there emotions in what they believe in. The compassion from the various people who have been subject to an attack from another country and the feelings one had to another person from your other country. The people, no matter what country, experienced care for the nation and what happened and every person helped invested some time out of their days to aid put ruins back together and show which the countries people where all in one and helped every one away.

Patriotism is a pride proven in every country by the people. Soaring their red flags for the peoples region. Showing simply how much they value their country and they are happy to be aside of that region. The people display pride by simply singing songs of their region and even by touring one more country putting on certain towels that represent that individuals country. Patriotism is the pride. The love. The compassion for ones country displaying the importance of ones nation to the rest of the world.

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