Ellen Foster Essay

Conner Longmire

Modern Authors, Period 8

six December 2011

The Ignorance to Battling

The story of Ellen Foster is a attractively written story that shows the true long term affect of how abuse impacts the child psychologically, spiritually and psychologically. The book Ellen Foster authored by Kaye Gibbons is about a ten yr old girl named Ellen Promote in just how she deals with abuse by her bully family however , Grandmother, Aunts and relation. At the same time, the lady battles with racial elegance while aiming to obtain an intimate friendship with another coloured female. You will find three antagonists; Ellen's granny, Aunt Betsy and Aunt Nadine who have clearly find Ellen's suffering, however tend not to do anything to help Ellen away of her problem.

First of all, Mamma's Mamma or also known as Ellen's grandmother on her mom's side with the family is incredibly cruel to Ellen, when knowingly Ellen's abuse that she will get from her father. The grandmother mistreats Ellen inorder to have her vengence since Ellen's dad mistreated her daughter and she is aware his mistreatment contributed to her daughter's suicide. Since, Mamma's Mamma is really caught up in her trend, she does not see that her father directly harmed Ellen and Mamma's Mamma offers such a very good vengeance towards Ellen's father, she does not think rationally. For instance, the moment Ellen was happy staying under the care of Julia and Roy, Grandmother all of a sudden, makes a decision to guard Ellen in court to obtain under her care. She fights for Ellen not really because the girl loves Ellen rather your woman wants to penalize Ellen pertaining to revenge onto her daughter's fatality. While Ellen is completely happy and minding her very own business, Mamma's Mamma determines to interrupt Ellen's existence by taking her back and producing Ellen work under harsh conditions onto her cotton plantation just to have her very own satisfaction of using her so called " vengeance”. Not only Ellen is suffering from her dad's abuse today she is affected with harsh circumstances of work, your woman endures mental and...

Cited: Gibbons, Kaye. Ellen Create. New York: Retro, 1997.

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