Environmental and Consumer Impacts Analysis Essay


Environmental and Consumer Affects Analysis


October 21, 2013

Mary-Lynne Ament

With regards to consumer impacts, and the environment in which they are subject and seem to play a huge spin when spending money on a certain product or service. Society today is a product of their own environment in the way that individuals react and buy a product or perhaps service based upon demographics and what people about us have got. This behavior is affected by a number of elements in society just like; motives, awareness, attitudes, character, family, interpersonal class and reference groups. The principles of society is motivated by a tendencies. It is the query of what must we now have and so what do we really require? In doing a survey to and analyzing it a marketer can easily see who they should market promote their item too based upon the information obtained. It seem that every person today is in need of a cellphone, at smartphone at that, as well as the never ending innovations in the advancement these products.

Is a mobile phone necessary to have, or could it be simply just a want from the consumer? Whenever we look back just about 20 years ago there were no need for this kind of a device. Cellular phones were only coming about, and now appearance where our company is. It seems that everyone you come across provides a smartphone, and also a mobile phone. Raine (2013) " For the first time, the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Existence Project finds that cellular phone ownership amongst adults features exceeded 90%. Cell phones are increasingly being used by 91% of adults, according to the study conducted among April seventeen and May 19 of 2, 252 adults” (para. 1). You will even realize that most people are unable to live without their cell phones. According to Persch (2008) " Americans for the first time picked cell phones since the technology they can least go devoid of. In today's wi-fi world, living without a mobile phone is like living on a desert island. And losing one is like becoming suddenly solid away...

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