enzyme lab Essay

Associated with Concentration

Purpose: the goal of this portion of the lab should be to see the effects of enzyme concentration on the reaction price.

Part a couple of: Effect of Substrate Concentration

Goal: The purpose of this part of the research laboratory was to locate the effect of substrate focus on enzyme activity.

Part 3: Effect of Temprature

Goal: The purpose of this part of the laboratory was to determine the effect of temperature on the rate of enzyme activity.

Part 4: Effect of enzyme inhibited

Goal: the purpose of this part of the laboratory was to get the effect of your inhibitor upon enzyme activity.

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A. The enzyme of the reaction is the catalase.

B. the substrate of the reaction is H2O2.

C. The product with the reaction is usually 2H2O2+O2.

D. the gas created during the response is o2 and it can always be proved while the conventional paper filter risesas it responds just like fresh air. 2 . The enzyme activity increases it carbon point then levels off, if the enzyme attentiveness is added, the opposite arises when there exists less. a few. When the enzyme concentration from the substrate is added the response rate is definitely increased. four. If I improved the substrate concentration to 40% the reaction rate could increase. 5. Changing the interest rate of chemical concentration could make the reaction faster than changing the substrate concentration. six. When hydroxylamine was added the reaction charge became much slower than it was when it was manipulated. 7. When an enzyme turns into denatured the response rate becomes slower, this is true because once we added the paper filtration to the 65 degree beaker with chemical the reaction was so sluggish that we experienced no info to put in our graph. 8. The best possible temperature is usually when the response ceases to take place. The optimum heat for the...

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