TIc tac toe Essay

Nazarbayev College or university

School of Engineering


Individual Coursework:


Name: Lyazzat Zhanshayeva

ID: 201104072

Lecturer: Jaan H Pu

Personal tutor: Sarim Al-Zubaidy

Date of submission: 6/03/2013

Astana, 2013


Tic-tac-toe is a video game where two players make an effort to win by simply putting groups or passes across in a line in the line, column or diagonal of a square panel. The objective of the person coursework should be to create these kinds of game within a 4x4 board on the MATLAB software with already existing 1 ‘O' and one ‘X' on it. Moreover, some specific details should be considered: another is computer's turn wherever machine selects the sign for the whole game and put that; then turn goes to person and vise-versa in order to win the game or perhaps finish together with the draw with no cheating. Thus, the main aim of this statement is to present the theory from the game and MATLAB functions, concisely describe the game strategy and method, and finally discuss the obtained results.


MATLAB. One kind of the computing 'languages' is MATLAB created by MathWorks, which will allows manipulation of matrix, conspiring of functions, execution of methods, creation of interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages. This sort of scientific computer application features significant advantages among various other software ruse which can be noticed by quicker response several technical complications and comparatively easier to use (Moore, 2012). In addition , MATLAB can be optimized for matrix computations and on a regular basis updated. Thus MATLAB widely spread and used by control engineers to get analysis and design of assignments. � Tic-tac-toe. Simple online games that do not really require challenging animation and graphics may be created inside the MATLAB environment with help of basic instructions such as ‘if', ‘else', ‘elseif' and etc. Tic-tac-toe could be an exceptional example of encoding the game. This can be a quick reasonable game for 2 players, who seek in alternative transforms to complete the row, column or perhaps diagonal by own indication ‘O' or ‘X'. Perform in a 3x3 board can be apparent with its simplicity and ease, nevertheless how much larger the size of the board becomes so harder to succeed the game. To get the triumph, there are many different blends of maneuver with lots of positions. Moreover, player should not miss to block the rival's sign, attack at least must surface finish the game while using draw.


Program. The code from the game created in the a single script in order to ease the upkeep. It has several steps: 1) Script starts with formulation from the game program to play in an additional windows (plot your five horizontal and vertical lines by presented points, change background color, give the name); 2) The key code of the game is positioned into ‘while' loop, that will run this program until the declaration is true. Then a initial matrix that comprises ‘-1', ‘0', ‘1' was entered with identifying the coordinates through axis proven in the Physique 2 and drawing the variables to display in the game windows like (‘O'), free place and (‘X') respectively. Computer has a decision to choose the signal for the whole game. Program can be aimed to win, so machine search the perfect way in selecting the sign. For instance , if component stands for the diagonal this crosses several different lines, also if you have no enemy element in that lines, it has even more possibility to victory; 3) Game starts with turn of the computer. With chosen sign computer which has different combinations (it will be described below) place the sign employing the better space. After the checking pertaining to cheating, equipment moves and be goes to the participant. 4) Person puts the sign by simply clicking on the overall game window, if it is valid the sign is appeared in this place. After that, the turn switches back in computer so go on; 5) In the case of pc's or player's victory, computer system analyzes this and the concept box will probably be displayed in order to notify regarding win or loss of consumer. However , there is a big possibility of draw when ever...

References: Moore, H., 2012. MATLAB intended for Engineers, 3rd ed., Edinburgh: Pearson Education.

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