Why the South Seceded in 1860 Essay

п»їWhy the Southern Seceded

Jessica Graff


In this dissertation I strive to asses for what reason the to the south seceded in the union. I think there were many reasons why the south seceded from the union. I will be naming five major reason why they will succeed mentioned previously in the content The Great Mistake- Why Did the Southern region Succeed in 1860? Also I will be using what I learned from the seminar. There are many more than just five reasons nevertheless the following five reasons would be the most important. For the purpose of this conventional paper I will be discussing the main reason in which the Southern region seceded from the Union. Inside the article The Great Mistake – Why Did the Southern secede in 1860? It is known that one in the reasons the south seceded was as the Northern claims were declining to return meandering slaves, in violation with their obligations under Article Four of the Constitution. This cause also result in reason number two some claims were boosting persons " incapable of becoming citizens” (i. e. cost-free blacks) and using their ballots to support anti-slavery policies. These two reasons help lead to another reason that has been that the Northern states tolerated abolitionists and insurrectionists (such as David Brown) who incited slaves in the Southern region to rebel. The next two reasons are not as significant but are still significant. Reason number intended for is that misdirected political and religious beliefs in the North made upcoming sectional oneness impossible. Another reason that is the His party Party was planning to salary a conflict against slavery upon choosing office in March 1861. In this article I reviewed why the south seceded from the union. I believe that they seceded because of a number of factors. I named the five major main reasons why they do well as stated in the article The Great Mistake- So why Did the South Achieve 1860? We also applied what I discovered in the workshop. There are many more than just five causes but the five reasons I previously stated are the most...

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