Health and Basic safety Essay

INTO THE SAFETY – OHS1 Health and safety is very important. In order to have a safer life we should be careful at every stage that we consider. Unfortunately not necessarily enough once only we could careful. Everybody around us should be very careful as well on their own and for different ones. In that way everyone is able to have a much better, healthier and safer lifestyle so nobody worries whenever they go outdoors. Health and safety is very important both in general and workplaces. On the whole, it is not feasible to talk about a normal and safe lifestyle. At every stage of our daily lives a thing bad can occur and all it takes is a second. ?nternet site mentioned before it is not necessarily enough when only we are careful. We can be careful at home but when we all go outside we expect the others to become careful like us, which is impossible especially in Turkey. Since we reside in Turkey we should be more very careful because we could not safe in Turkey at all. I can say that depending on the dread actions that we hear nearly every week, interesting accidents that we hear nearly all day, automobile accidents that we hear almost every hour and other likely accidents we may notice any day. We are not safe in Chicken obviously and most of the citizens do not value it. The majority of the citizens usually do not follow health insurance and safety rules until a thing bad occurs them. To be able to change that, first of all the government should do something similar to changing the mentality of the citizens. All of the citizens needs to be trained regarding health and protection rules for schools. From then on, to make the people obey the principles the fines should be increased so citizens have to obey the rules to not pay money towards the government. Provided that the government works on this essential issue, the quantity of accidents might decrease and can speak about a healthier and more secure life in Turkey. We will say the government could be successful on making the residents follow the health and safety guidelines. It is not the final of the account. We can always be safe while we are outside yet we as well...

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