Highlighting and Underlining Article

Showcasing and Underlining

Exercise A. Direction: Recognize words or phrases that require underlining or italicizing inside the following paragraphs.

1 .  " Au revoir regla étudiants, " my People from france professor believed to his students. 2 . The bee gone bzzz since it flew previous my headsets.

a few. The shelf to your left has the Chi town Times, the newest York Occasions, USA Today, and the M. A. Times; the one around the right provides the news magazines TIME, Newsweek, and U. S. Media and World Report. some. Number the Stars, written by Lowis Lowry, is usually an engaging book set in Denmark. 5. How do you know really what she wants?

6. The flyer says that in Act I actually of the play Wicked the chorus performs " No person Mourns the Wicked. " 7. The Book of Revelations is at both the Ay Bible plus the Jewish Tanakh. 8. The kite accepted the wind and ZOOM flew over the trees and disappeared into the heavens. 9. I actually heard the sizzle of the steak within the grill since Dad barbequed. Mmmm, I couldn't wait until dinner. Buon appetito! twelve. Use the clues in conference to italicize/ underline the appropriate word in each sentence. I was stunned by the appearance she gave me. [Her look was more than My spouse and i bargained for] I had been shocked by the look your woman gave me. [I'm no more shocked] I was amazed by the appearance she offered me. [No one more was surprised but me] I was shocked by look your woman gave me. [How care to she give that turn to me] I was surprised by the appearance she offered me. [It wasn't what she declared shocked me]

Workout B. Direction: In the subsequent sentences, underline each word or item that should be italicized.

Example 1 ) My brother constructed a model from the USS Business.

1 . Shalom can mean " welcome” and also " goodbye. ”

installment payments on your Have you viewed photographs of Sputnik you?

3. The speech therapist is aiding Sheila discover how to pronounce s's without lisping.

4. The passage has been booked around the Ocean Princess.

5. Stacey's first word was Mama.

6. We've always discovered it difficult to write down the capital notification Q in cursive.

several. Marty can be writing a mystery that takes place on the train known as American Majesty.

8. Boris draws a line through the stem of his 7's.

9. At 77, Steve Glenn dished up as part of the staff of the space shuttle Finding.

10. About weekends, I actually am helping to rebuild a classic boat, the Fly by Night.

Physical exercise C. Path: In each of the following paragraphs, underline virtually any title which should be in italics. Be sure to underline every word of the subject.

1 . Perhaps you have ever seen Gone together with the Wind? [What may be the title from the movie? ] installment payments on your The musical technology West Part Story is founded on a play by Shakespeare. [What is the subject of the audio? ] 3. We saw that musical following we examine Romeo and Juliet.

some. I was reading The Heart Can be described as Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers. five. My sister likes to watch re-runs of The Brady Bunch.

6. Just about everyone in the category has finished The Crimson Badge of Courage. several. Many people are acquainted with Edvard Munch's painting The Scream. eight. My father and mother always watch Washington Week in Review. being unfaithful. Jean Craighead George provides written a large number of books, which includes Julie in the Wolves. twelve. I have noticed The Sound of Music often.

Exercise M.

| |

Reveal whether or not the missing word(s) should be underlined or in rates. �

When people heard about the disaster together with the space shuttle _______, they stopped whatever they were undertaking. | 1 ) |

| | Columbia

| " Columbia"


| |

| |

| |

Show whether or not the lacking word(s) ought to be underlined or perhaps in estimates. �

David Nye's book _______ posseses an interesting chapter summarizing the of the American space program. | 2 . |

| | The American Technological Classy

| " The American Technological Sublime"


| |

| |

| |

Reveal whether or not the lacking word(s) ought to be underlined or in estimates. �

The student wrote a paper on Sylvia Plath's poem _______. | a few. |

| | Daddy

| " Daddy"

| |...

Why is American Peanut the Luckiest Nut in the World? Composition