Essay in Homo Floresiensis Pathological Modern day Human or Evolutionary Offshoot?

Christopher Rhodes

Dr . Frost

Anthropology 3010

May 7, 2013

Homo Floresiensis; Pathological modern human being or evolutionary offshoot? After initial breakthrough of the skeletons at Liang Bau give on the island of Flores in Indonesia in 2003, these enigmatic skeletons were properly dubbed, ”Hobbits” by Australian and Indonesian researchers due to their small visibility and interested bone composition. The location of the skeletons themselves is interesting because of the remoteness of the area from the Asian continent. This leads someone to wonder how these householder's ancestors arrived at the island in the first place close to 800, 000 yrs ago. It is remarkably debated if these very small skeletons will be evidence of a great offshoot of one of our major ancestors or perhaps examples of contemporary humans with pathologies that caused the deformities. If perhaps these skeletons are turned out to be a new species in our genus, it would be a profound implication since these kinds of peoples were contemporary with modern humans as recently as 13, 000 years ago and may have experienced some conversation. A recent research indicated these humans had been indeed a brand new species of the genus Homo, and had specific characteristics, such as cranial morphology that was different from contemporary humans with pathologies like dwarfism or perhaps microcephalism (Kubo 2013). If they happen to be indeed a brand new species, this leaves available the possibility of additional unknown species of the genus Homo that might have been mischaracterized as a pathological deformity. Prior to going into the recent evidence intended for Homo Floresiensis being a specific species of Homo, I'd like to create some info that was known about these peoples. The skeletons that have been discovered recently had an average height usually around one colocar tall, evaluating about 20 kilograms, and had a life expectancy of approximately three decades of age. Facts from archaeological sites indicates that this pupulace utilized flames, along with stone tools and weaponry. One of the most amazing facts is the fact these people, who does have a stature close to a three year-old child, proved helpful together and planned jointly in order to look big-game animals like the pygmy Stegodon, that could weigh up to a thousand kilos. Although they had brains about the size of grapefruits with capacities around 400cc; compared to the normal cranial ability of modern individuals, 1350cc; this kind of joint connection and planning indicates that they had excessive cognitive capability despite all their small endocranial volume. There is certainly additional evidence that demonstrates that these people likewise hunted Komodo Dragons, giant rodents, and lizards, along with other small video game animals, just like fish, frogs, birds, snakes, and tortoises (Mayell 2004). Although it is usually unknown just how these people initial arrived on st. kitts, it is well-known that they came around eight hundred and forty thousand years ago. It truly is postulated the particular people who first came were most likely typical sized Homo Erectus in the Asian mainland, as evidence by their excessive degree of prognathism, lack of chins, and large brow ridge (Mayell 2004). Because the skeletons of Floresiensis also shows other simple traits in their bone morphology, an alternative theory is that they originated in an even older unknown ancestor is certainly not excluded (Ghosh 2013). It is thought that the initial inhabitants on this island shrunk over a lengthy period of time with a process referred to as Island Dwarfing that is evident in other animal species. Most likely over hundreds of thousands of years all their bodies shrunk because environmental conditions preferred it. And it is no wonder that the process may be the likely response, because islands typically have a small food supply, a bit of predators, and other animals rivalling for resources, which would lead to the entire body gradually shrinking in order to reduce the daily strength requirements. One skeptical way of this theory is that maybe these people found the island currently dwarfed, due to the lack of much larger bodied ancestors being found....

Bibliography: Science 21, Vol. 317, No . 5845: 1743-1745

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