Why All of us Do What We Do: A Psychosocial Development Point of view on Elements That Impact Decision to Pursue a job in Cultural Work Essay

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How come We Do What We Do: A Psychosocial

Creation Perspective about Factors That

Influence Decision to Pursue a Career in Social


Hugh Armstrong

St . Catherine University

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Why All of us Do The things we do: A Psychosocial Development Point of view on Elements That Affect Decision to Pursue a profession in Interpersonal Work by simply

Hugh Armstrong, B. T. W.; T. S. Watts.

MSW Clinical Research Newspaper

Presented towards the Faculty in the

School of Social Function

St . Catherine University and the University of St . Thomas

St . Paul, Minnesota

In Partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Social Operate

Committee People

Karen Carlson, LICSW, Ph level. D., (Chair)

Natalie Skow, LICSW

Sharon Johnson, LICSW

The Clinical Research Project is actually a graduation requirement for MSW students at St Catherine University/University of St Thomas College of Cultural Work in St . Paul, Mn and is executed within a nine-month time frame to demonstrate facility with basic interpersonal research strategies. Students must independently conceptualize a research problem, formulate an investigation design that may be approved by an investigation committee plus the university Institutional Review Panel, implement the project, and publicy present the results of the examine. This project is nor a Masters thesis nor a dissertation.



I would like to thank the various individuals in my life that supplied me with unwavering support during the completing my research study. I would also like to express my personal deepest standard of appreciation to my analysis chair, Karen Carlson, on her input and guidance during this endeavor. A communication of gratitude also is out to the members of my personal committee, Sharon Toll Johnson & Natalie Skow for your insight and reassurance. To the many people I have fulfilled along the way inside the graduate cultural work software, thank you. I want to thank your laughter, optimism, and empathy within this shared experience. Most importantly, I would like to express love my and understanding to my family for their understanding and support during this hard and informative process. To Caleb and Kaleigh, thanks to your apparently endless questions and organic curiosity about this project, I enjoy you.

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Conceptual Platform










Appendix A

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What elements influence a person's decision to pursue cultural work as a profession? This query has been looked over from differing points of view. Past and contemporary literature has attemptedto answer this question in certain capacity, starting from identifying the motives, bonuses, and worries of being a social worker to discovering what type of characteristics a potential cultural worker may well possess. Previous research has yielded information deemed beneficial to the profession yet there is limited information that reviews what influences quest for a career within a helping job such as social work during specific periods of the life-span.

" The main mission from the social function profession should be to enhance human wellbeing that help meet the simple human demands of all people, with...

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