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Human Service Scenario Evaluation

My consumer is a 32-year-old woman called Sonya. Sonya‘s heritage can be multicultural while her mom is Hispanic and Black and her father was Afro-American. Sonya identifies very little as an Afro –American raised with a white middle-class family. Green (2008) declares, " Historically, biracial persons have been pictured as misplaced souls…” (p. 39). Sonya is among a team of individuals who Hazel Catherine Green referred to as the Grey Young ladies in the subject for her feuille for her Doctor of Mindset degree. Not aware that the associated with living as being a biracial had been severely eroding her daughter's self-concept, Sonya's mother thought that all she was obviously a typical adolescent girl. Case Scenario

Due to abuse that Sonya's mother suffered in the hand of her partner, her mother has nothing to do with Sonya's father, therefore Sonya never known him. Sonya's efforts to locate her father have been to no avail. This bothers Sonya because your woman always wanted to be aware of her family members from her father's part of the family. She wishes family members more like her so she can easily relate to all of them. Sonya's mother remarried once Sonya was seven, and her new stepfather was obviously a big influence on Sonya's life up to her single mother's divorce from him when Sonya was 17. Sonya resents her mother because of at all times she spent taking care of her younger siblings so that her mother and stepfather can work. Sonya thought that unfair that at times the girl could not engage in activities with teenagers her age as a result of her babysitting duties. Sonya spoke of her despression symptoms throughout junior high and high school. States the depressive disorder never remaining her. A referral originated in Doctor Kelvin Krank, Sonya's family doctor, conveying concern above Sonya's depressive disorder and her health. Doctor Krank unveiled that Sonya had health issues directly associated with alcohol abuse. During her...

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