Concept of Learning Essay

Ideas of Learning

Devonn Coleman

Psychology of Learning


John Barker

June three or more, 2013

Ideas of Learning

Throughout this document it will have an study of the concepts of learning in mindset as well as a information of the tips of learning. This paper will understand the differences among learning and performance in regards to mindset. Lastly, the conceptual approaches in learning will probably be evaluated for similarities and differences. There are many different factors that contribute to learning. " Learning may be thought as a relatively long term change in patterns, or behavior repertoire, that happens as a result of experience” (Terry, 2009, p. 5). Analyzing the factors, tips, and procedures will help mindset professionals understand how learning performs such a key role in psychology. Model of Learning

Many factors contribute to the appearance of learning, which is a very important part of lifestyle and development. Learning will come in knowledge and knowledge can often be gained through experience. Learning can be scored through changes in behavior (Terry, 2009, g. 5). A good example of this would be a person that has poor study practices and are unable to pass exams. The individual determines to change their particular mind and behavior in relation to taking more hours to study, research, and display proactive behaviours for completing exams. The consumer has learned that by changing the bad actions to great behaviors the outcomes are different plus more desirable.

Learning takes place through activities, which can possibly be good or bad although increased know-how is in the end the result. For instance , an individual who activities loaning cash but will certainly not be repaid will likely learn from their very own mistake. If the situation proves to be a bad experience, the may will no longer loan away money. However, an individual can collection a goal to purchase a house within just two years by implementing a savings strategy. Once the individual meets their very own goal, the...

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