Essay about Imp two Cookies Cover Letter

Cookies Collection

The main aim of the Cookies unit was going to solve the system Problem. The machine problem presented us towards the Woos, the owners of a cookie food handling business. The Woos want to get the most successful combination of plain and iced cookies to bake then sell in their retail store. We were presented several limitations for this trouble. According to the Woo's recipes, several normal cookies requires one particular pound of cookie cash, and a dozen iced cookies requires. six pounds of cookie dough. The Woo family just has 110 pounds of cookie bread in inventory, which will impact the number of cookies that can be made. The iced cookies also need icing, obviously. A dozen of iced cookies required. 5 pounds of icing plus the Woos just have 32 pounds of topping in share. There are also restrictions for the oven space in the Woo's kitchen. It could only maintain 140 cookies at a time. The last limitation the Woo family's problem has is time. The planning time of the plain cookies is. one particular hours, plus the preparation moments of the iced cookies is usually. 15 hours. The Woo family only has 15 hours to get ready the iced and ordinary cookies to get the range. All of these constraints decide the quantity of cookies you can and are not able to have. The second half of the trouble was regarding the combination of usual cookies and iced cookies that would provide the most rewarding result. Twelve of ordinary cookies cost $4. 55 to make promote for $6. 00 and a dozen of iced cookies cost $5. 00 to create, and sell to get 7. 00. So , they earn a profit of $1. 40 per dozen of ordinary cookies and $2. 00 per dozens of of iced cookies. The Woo family knows that they can sell all of the cookies earning. The point of the problem was to find one of the most profitable mixture of iced and normal cookies.

In these complications, we had to identify variables, constraints, and produce equations that expressed them. In most cases, the variables represent a value for a certain item, for example inside the unit problem, the adjustable, p, could represent the quantity of dozens of...

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