Improvement of Business Info System in a Restaurant Essay


While employees of XXX, we all pride themselves to be doing work in one of the most popular restaurant and believe that every employee whom contributes his share to get the growth in the company will certainly reap the rewards of a long lasting personable working romantic relationship, gainful employability and settlement for his or her dedicated work. This drives they to find advancements that will business lead XXX to experience a better competitive advantage above her competitors and at the same time to equip the members with skills in analyzing, researching and suggesting improvements for the inefficiencies discovered in the process. The impact of the task must be able to realize the benefits and therefore proper implementation and follow-up of the improvements, if in the trial runs, protecting and installing needed gear and assets, plus training for the staff should be carefully noted.

The team began by placing the objectives collectively and member was assigned diverse tasks to assess and study the provided segment. They can be expected to review and understand the principles of Business Procedure Management, the company Information System Design And Essential Information, the Database Management System Style before proceeding to the program conceptual planning and execution.


The team attempts to introduce to analyze, review, improve and transform the present Business Data System to get XXX House Delivery Program. The goal is to make competitive advantages for XXX by refining the Home Delivery Program to be easier to use, reduce rejection rates as a result of manual saving thereby increase productivity, enhances data collection, data security, improve purchases reporting, reduce costs and improve cycle-time of delivery of orders.

3. Competitive Advantages

We have to inquire ourselves if XXX contains a competitive edge over their competitors. So why did all of us end up analysing the stream of the home delivery system? XXX prides herself of her strong network, sizeable cafe outlets plus the capability of delivery service. It also covers a bigger trade area in Singapore.

Customers can order coming from anywhere in Singapore. eg. Jurong Island, Sentosa Island.

The company has very well differentiated its products/services during an industry segment eg. delivery service and has a significant loyal customer base. However , the competitors are increasingly competing with the house delivery courses and this is definitely the very reason the advancements of the home delivery system must bear fruits of the competitive advantages.

Cost Differentiation Lowest cost across the Industry| Better product/service throughout the Industry| Industry-wide

Lowest cost inside an industry segment| Better product/service within an market segment| Concentrate

4The Organization Process Management

Before we all continue, it is necessary to understand what actually is Business Process Management, or in a nutshell BPM. BPM is a constant review and control of existing processes, where in time of your crisis, this methodology can be utilized to make certain that processes are effective and effecient. This method should cause a better and more cost efficient firm.

This kind of segment particulars the current circulation of the Home Delivery System as with (Figure 1). As they ran throughout the flow we encounter the following aspects of inefficiencies:

A. Self-Maintained Customer Visa or mastercard Information. This database consists of information from past data of customers who have used their credit cards intended for payment. While customers profile may include changed, the device does not provides the capability to echo their current status regarding their credit history.

B. Repayment through Credit Card via Phone Centre. If the customer telephone calls the Call Centre to place their particular orders and prefers to pay out by mastercard, the system utilizes their own under one building...

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