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Technical Questions

1) Which of the following features would conceal internal IP addresses from the web? A. Network Address Translation

B. SSID broadcast

C. Port Forwarding

D. Router

2) Which will of the subsequent is the subnet mask for a C school IP address? A. 192. 168. 1 . you

B. 255. 255. 0. 0

C. 255. 255. 255. zero

D. 192. 168. 255. 255

3) Which with the following is definitely the strongest wi-fi encryption method? A. WPA2 AES




4) May well, a home user, reports that sometimes he cannot print by his notebook computer to his wireless inkjet printer. The problem generally seems to occur only if joe reaches one end of his home. A technician investigations the sign strength from the laptop in this location and finds it being good. The technician notes that joe's router is usually using the standard SSID without having encryption. Which of the next could be the issue?

A. The printer individuals need to be up to date on the notebook computer

B. The wireless printer does not possess wake in LAN established properly C. The notebook computer is getting another router with standard settings D. The wi-fi network will need encryption turned on in order to print 5) Joe, a user, cannot browse for the intranet into a particular world wide web server by making use of server name given to him by the supervisor. Joe demands a co-worker for the IP address of the same server, and is then capable to access the webpage using the IP address. Which will of the next in the Probably cause of the matter?

A. DNS is not configured effectively

B. HTTP is not working on the machine

C. HTTP is no longer working on the consumer

D. The network router is down

6) Which of the next Internet connection types would have one of the most available bandwidth and greatest transmission rate?


B. Dial-up

C. Cable television

D. Satellite

7) May well, a user, information that his laptop screen is very faint and hard to read. Which will of the subsequent is the most likely cause?

A. The video greeting card is slipping

B. The display screen has become damaged

C. The backlight has failed

G. The inverter is bad

Technical Queries

8) A user is required to use a directly linked local printer but struggles to print any kind of documents correctly. Various heroes are extremely being branded on the top and bottom of each and every page. Which usually of the next actions will correct this matter? A. Upgrade the language individuals

B. Connect to the printing device using Bluetooth

C. Bring up to date the print drivers

D. Connect to the inkjet printer using the wireless LAN connection

9) Precisely what is the precursor to IPv6?

A. IPv1

B. IPv2

C. IPv3

D. IPv4

10) Which of the next features is no longer available in Power Point 2010? A. Synchronous Scrolling

W. Reviewing pane

C. Custom Animations job pane

D. Cascade

11) Which of the below is known as as the loopback talk about? A. 127. 0. zero. 1

M. www.selfsystemreset.msc

C. 192. 168. 1 . one particular

D. 169. 254. 1 ) 1

12) What is the shortcut key to start your powerpoint slip deck inside the presentation setting? A. SHIFT+F5



D. F5

13) What is the magic formula key blend to employ the start menu? A. CTRL+F3




14) Five users travel from main office to branch office. The users possess laptops. The help desk studies that the users are unable to access any network resources in the branch workplace. However , department office users can get the network resources. You need to help main office users access almost all network assets by using their particular laptops in branch workplace. The solution need to adhere to the organization security suggestions. What should you tell the help desk to do on these kinds of laptops?

A. Create a fresh VPN interconnection

B. Put the users for the local Managers group

C. Add the users to the network configuration providers group Deb. Configure the alternate configuration for the area area connection 15) You would like to check the IP address of your computer system and you also desire MAC talk about of the computer displayed while using same control. What command word would you make use of? A. nslookup/ip

Technical Questions

B. Getmac/ip

C. Ipconfig/all


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