Junk Truck CAse Dissertation

1-888-JUNK-VAN Case

The challenge presented in the 1-888-JUNK-VAN circumstance involves the founder with the company Marcus Kingo aiming to choose within the best technology tool that might reduce purchase entry mistakes and allow his business to grow. The fundamental problem is Data errors and inefficiencies, that are impacting businesses, reputation with customers, and increasing costs. Mr. Kingo's goal to wanting to increase his organization into a business, he needed to find a way to streamline the info correctly and to make the entire procedure smoother. The context from the problem is looking at the inefficiencies that are obvious within RUBBISH VAN's current virtual business model. Currently, the organization runs in an exceedingly structured method with two call center providers, one info clerk, 3 drivers, and three will help. The client's requests or perhaps jobs arrived through phone and from there information can be inputted right into a custom-built MS-Works database. Onwards, information will be e-mailed for the morning and evening operators and then to the drivers. Mister. Kingo desires to maintain this kind of virtual organization and eventually move into franchising and growing. Before that can happen, he would love to have a central repository and take away the manual process of e-mailing inner information. The possible alternatives include: Microsoft company Access Data source, Custom Program, Google Docs, Platform like a Service, Software program as a Service, Enterprise Useful resource Planning (ERP) System. For Microsoft Access, the program can easily upload on multiple computer systems and on a centralized storage space. The costs per computer system would be $179. Customer App would be about four weeks and $2, 000 upfront. Maintenance would be $60/hour and no approximate on how various hours required. Google Documents would be free of charge for up to 10 users and small business could cost $5/month to $50/year. Software as a support can cost about $300-600 monthly, which is dependent on storage and users, needed. ERP program for a business can be...

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