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Short Dissertation: Your Body and Society

Socio-Cultural Perspectives in Kinesiology

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Name: Mimi Ramos

Pupil Number: mhmm

In the world that individuals live in today, prejudice and stereotyping includes a great impact on our points of views of others. Every day, people are criticized and judged on their appearance based their particular body weight, their particular height and the way functioning. I myself have also skilled judgement due to my physical appearance. To start, I am a more elevated than a lot of people my age group, and that causes visitors to view me as effective, athletic and intimidating. Likewise my thin frame evokes prejudice and leads other folks to underestimate my talents; they assume that I i am weak. Finally, people have distinct first impressions of me based upon my tattoo and the way I outfit. These physical traits provoke both confident and unfavorable criticism. Ultimately, people will not judge me personally based on my personal behaviour and personality, but rather based on the way in which I present my body and my appearance.

Those people who are tall are usually feared and appearance as a danger. My physical feature including being tall causes people to judge me personally. Being high is usually connected with being considered powerful and intimidating. For example , I can relate to this through my encounter when jogging by persons in the middle of the night; others tend to maintain their range from me personally, avoid fixing their gaze and sometimes even combination the street to stop any connection. Due to my own tall size, I appearance less weak and avoid less conflict when compared with someone who is definitely shorter than me. Likewise, due to my height, persons automatically imagine I'm athletic or that I'm good at sports as a result of my height advantage. For instance, during high school, teachers and peers attempted to recruit myself to numerous sporting activities teams such as basketball, volleyball and football. Their hard work in planning to include me within various groups helped me feel desired and this helped boost my own self-esteem. With out my level, these trainers and peers would not have observed " potential” and may not have considered myself in the first place. Finally my tallness provides the people I go along with — just like friends and family — a sense of secureness. When among my friends had a warmed argument with someone, the person was right up on my good friends face and started to force him again but when I actually intervened to assist my friend, anybody started to back off. My occurrence gave anybody arguing with my friend significantly less confidence to carry on. This also helped my friend to experience safe and protected around myself. Overall, my height posseses an impact on peoples' perspective of me and has led myself to be evaluated for better or pertaining to worse.

Those who are skinny are generally stereotyped and judge, many are even singled out because they look so weak and fragile. For instance, since I are thin, people tend to think that I do not really workout therefore thinking My spouse and i am fragile, and when We go to the health club, people always assume that it can be my first-time there. Others feel required to try to train me correct form and recommend a number of workouts to accomplish. They appear surprised when I tell them which i have exercising schedule and this I've been going to the gym to work through for almost 3 years now. Simply because I was skinny, people think they will know more than me with regards to working out, yet this is not always true, seeing that I've been doing exercises for a long time to find out how to lift weights properly. Also, when playing basketball, my thin body gives my own opponents the impression which i do not resemble a challenge. Each time I enjoy basketball, clubs always send out their the most fragile defender on me convinced that I i am weak and never good enough to attain on him. Thanks to my own skinny physique teams constantly underestimate me by giving their weakest opponent the task of guarding me personally. This edge has helped me to achieve titles such as leading scorer and MVP pertaining to the various clubs I have joined up with. In general, my lean...

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