Law Enforcement Company and Cultural Welfare Analysis Paper

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The Philippine Drug Enforcement Company (PDEA) (Filipino: Kawanihan ng Pilipinas Laban sa Droga) is the lead anti-drugs law enforcement officials agency, in charge of preventing, investigating and dealing with any hazardous drugs, managed precursors and essential chemicals within the Korea. The organization is requested with the observance of the presidio and regulatory provisions of Republic Act No . 9165 (R. A. 9165), normally known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Medicines Act of 2002. PDEA is the implementing arm from the Dangerous Medicines Board (DDB). The DDB is the policy-making and strategy-formulating body inside the planning and formulation of policies and programs in drug elimination and control. PDEA and DDB are both under the oversight of the Workplace of the Leader. -------------------------------------------------

History and mandate

To get thirty years, the Republic Work No . 6425, or the Hazardous Drugs Take action of 72, had been the backbone from the drug law enforcement officials system in the Philippines. Regardless of the efforts of various law enforcement organizations mandated to implement what the law states, the drug problem amazingly escalated. The high success of the unlawful drug trade, compounded by then existing laws that imposed comparatively light fines to offenders, greatly contributed to the the law of gravity of the trouble. Recognizing the requirement to further enhance existing laws governing Philippine drug law enforcement officials system, the then Philippine PresidentВ Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoВ signed the Republic Act No . 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Work of 2002, on 06 7, 2002 and it was a little while until effect on July 4, 2002. The R. A. 9165 defines even more concrete courses of action for the nationwide anti-drug advertising campaign and imposes heavier penalties to offenders. The enactment of Ur. A. 9165 reorganized the Philippine medicine law enforcement system. While the Dangerous Drugs Table remains as the policy-making and strategy-formulating body in planning and formulation of policies and program about drug control and avoidance, it came up with the Philippine Medicine Enforcement Organization under theВ Office of the Director. The new regulation abolished the National Medication Law Enforcement and Prevention Coordinating Center, which has been created beneath Executive Buy No . 61; and the Drugs Group ofPhilippine National PoliceВ (PNP-NG), Narcotics Division ofВ National Bureau of InvestigationВ (NBI-ND), and the Persuits Narcotics Interdiction Unit of theВ Bureau of CustomsВ (BOC-CNIU). Nevertheless , these law enforcement officials agencies have got organized the following anti-illegal medications task pressure to support the PDEA: Filipino National Authorities - Anti-Illegal Drugs Exceptional Operation Activity Force (PNP-AIDSOTF); National Bureau of Investigation - Anti-Illegal Drugs Job Force (NBI-AIDTF); and Bureau of Customs - Persuits Task Group/Force in Hazardous Drugs and Controlled Chemical substances (BOC-CTGFDDCC). -------------------------------------------------

Vision, Quest and Ideals

Vision: В To be a specialist, effective and well-respected organization working for a drug-free Israel. Mission: В To be the lead firm in the adjustment of the anti-drug law; to serve as the main implementing arm of the DDB; to workout operational guidance over drug enforcement units of other law enforcement organizations; and to synchronize the participation of various other sectors inside the national anti-drug campaign. Primary Values:

5. Honor

5. Commitment

2. Respect intended for Human Pride

* Superiority and Skills

The Parole and Probation Administration

TheВ ParoleВ andВ ProbationВ AdministrationВ (Filipino: В Pangasiwaan ng Parol by Probasyon), close asВ PPA, is definitely an agency of theВ Philippine governmentВ under theDepartment of JusticeВ responsible intended for providing a cheaper alternative to imprisonment of first-time offenders whom are likely to interact to individualized community-based treatment programs. History

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