Turning Point anytime Essay

An important change in lifestyle

Graduating from secondary school was one of the important parts in my life but is not as important as becoming a member of university, anything changes other than me requesting myself am i not capable to do it? Fortunately there accustomed to be merely one answer possibly you can or not IT HAS TO BE DONE. However Visiting a country where you almost can't say for sure anyone, figuring out new traditions, new people, fresh friends and finally a new house is a bit tough and could end up being risky also. That country was happily Malaysia. Malaysia is well known as one of the beautiful countries in Asia and even globally a lot of tourists check out this country throughout every season moreover it is weather is absolutely hot in most seasons nevertheless mostly pouring.

In a peaceful weekend within my place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia an extremely early phone call was received from DHL a courier company requesting the villa No . because they got anything for me. 15 minutes later home bell buzzing but I was lazy to a point that it took me times to go 23 stairs down. On the other hand opening the door pertaining to the DHL employee who had been Pakistani named Abdullah putting on the company's standard stating in a very polite approach " remorseful for disturbing” and we acquired a transported document for you personally. I was since scared as a small prey opening Sunway University's letter but also had plenty of energy and felt as well excited to open it. Finally it had been the provide letter coming from Sunway university asking myself to pay out the costs and go Malaysia immediately as my orientation is at 2 weeks

Moreover It went fast I felt really thrilled but a lttle bit scared taking into consideration the next days to be resided miles far from my family however its worthwhile. Furthermore having some friends there made me feel a lttle bit comfortable not so unhappy there. Emerging to Kuala lumpor's airport was 1 of the biggest incidents in my life. Besides that, the only thing I used to be sure about was that this studying trip would give myself so much self assurance....

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