Essay on Life Everbody knows It


Who also among us wants to have a hard life? Of course , everybody wants to be joyful. We want that great job or maybe a succesful organization. We want to end up being married to Mr. Proper or Mrs. Perfect also to have great kids. To acquire friends that stick by us without problems with weather. To be able to have the ability to the material issues life is offering and have all our problems just disappear is exactly what most of us need.

Everybody wishes for a great life. but it may be for different perspective. One person may well define an excellent life one of the ways and one other may identify it one other way. For one person a great life can be just having three dishes a day and a roofing over their head. For another it may be creating a huge mansion and a few millions in the bank. Nevertheless whatever your definition of it, there is probably one thing you will probably have in common numerous other people. To have that good existence stress free, without having to work so difficult or struggle so much for this. That is a typical human requirement.

Unfortunately, that is also what may be stopping us via having that great life. The thought of all that operate, all the planning, overcoming obstacles and amount of resistance is enough to create a lot of people give up just before they actually start.

Anytime we could have difficulties receiving anything we want. It is very unusual to receive anything in every area of your life without some extent of work. Only if you win the lottery are you going to have every thing without hard work and even then you still have to go out and purchase the lottery ticket anyhow, so it's not really free by any means.

At times, you might feel that is actually all very confusing and just too much. We've completed all that all of us possibly can in our life whether it be at work or at home. But things don't always workout well us we organized or hoped and we don't understand why. Although that's what life is exactly about. Life is hard, we have to agree to it. Once we do, we will feel better about the circumstances. Then you certainly won't think about your situation since anything but what is common to everyone. But we all...

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