Logistics Approaches for Global Businesses Essay

International Record of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management Logistics Techniques for Global Businesses

James C. Cooper

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Wayne C. Cooper, (1993), " Logistics Methods for Global Businesses", International Log of Physical Distribution & Logistics Managing, Vol. 23 Iss some pp. doze - twenty three

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An specific examination of factors critical to the

success of worldwide logistics tactics, investigating their very own formulation and implications to get management.


Strategies for



Undoubtedly, as the globalization continues, the

personality of businesses must modify. The following

estimate from Levitt[3] captures this point:

The international and the global corporation are not the

same thing. The international corporation operates in a

quantity of countries and adjusts its products and prices in

each - at substantial relative costs. The global firm

operates with resolute certainty - for low relative costs -- as if the whole planet (or key regions of it) were an individual

entity; that sells similar things in the same manner everywhere. Inevitably, considerable debate has developed on how considerably

global standardization can go. While Levitt refers to

products for sale in the same way all over the place, others

including Kotler[4], Douglas and Wind[5] and Jain[6], have

identified significant limitations to the standardization of

advertising in many sectors. Similarly Piore[7] and

Bartlett and Ghoshal[8] point to the rejection of

standardization in lots of products by a large and growing

selection of consumers.

As standardization can be related both equally to the

techniques and contents of marketing[9], it is a related

story intended for logistics. Movie theater operations in logistics, pertaining to

example, are highly variable across the world and

the priorities for management in, say, The european union will...

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