Machine Equipment Essay


-Prof. V P SARMA


India stands 13th in the production and 6th in the consumption of machine equipment in the world. The region is set to become key player in the global machine equipment industry with substantial embrace manufacturing an excellent source of end equipment tools. The Indian machine tool sector has roughly 1000 units in production of machine tools, accessories/attachments, sub-systems and parts. Threefourth of machine tool manufacturers in India are INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG certified. The market for machine tools may be segmented since shown inside the chart:




Tools Conventional

Cutting Developing Cutting

Equipment tools market has been a significant factor of industrial change in India. It has passed through many hindrances, but offers managed to create itself as being a vital element of India's industrialisation thrust. Equipment tools consist of lathes, milling machines, shapers, grinders, hobbing machines, forging presses, sheet metal forming machinery, and so forth Some of the advanced machine equipment include a wide range of flexible production systems, software, assembly lines, laser reducing machines, etc . The COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL segment of metal slicing and creating tools amount to a little less than half of the total production simply by value. Before few decades there is a move from practical machine tools to CNC and other specialised machine equipment. The monetary slowdown in 2007-08 negatively affected the performance of machine tools industry after growing in a impressive CAGR of 25%, over the past couple of years, its end result dropped by 20% in 2008-09.

With regard to Machine Tools in India

120 99. 50 90 Demand in Rs (Billion) 82. seventy 80 62 40 twenty 0

Rs in Billion

111. 30 90. twenty

84. 20

84. 00

72. 85 52. 14 57. 70 64. 50

2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 52. 16 57. sixty 64. 60 72. 90 82. 70 84. twenty 84. 00 90. 20 99. 60 111. 40


Main players inside the machine equipment segment are:...

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