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1 ) Introduction

Apple Inc. is currently considered as one of the successful companies over the world. Founded in 1976, Headquartered in California, America, Apple is an multinational corporation which will designs, creates and provides customs with specific electronics, personal computer and personal pcs. It becomes popular when Steven Jobs firstly introduce the iPhone to the market. At the conclusion of 2012, Apple is a second-largest technology and the third-largest smartphone provider in the world. It includes 408 stores in fourteen countries and online Apple Store just like iTunes store as well. Lately, Tim Cook took over the corporation working while the CEO. Apple's accomplishment in market place is not only mainly because its innovation of new products, but also depends on its management viewpoint. This newspaper will research how Apple computers. manage and motivate the employees in order to increase their overall performance. 2 . Basic ideas regarding motivation

The motivation defined as the sentiment and the method that can slowly move the action of employees inside the organisation, that help managers supply the employees the direction to complete the goal of business and produce employees work harder and know their very own contributions of organisation. There are two parts, one is intrinsically motivated as well as the other can be extrinsically encouraged. The Apple computers. employees may have very much experience to do self-control, the employees' own development, as well as the important intrinsically motivated component, the Apple Inc. employees can easily own the organization stock, hence the better company situation can be, the more important employees' shares are, so that it can encourage the employees. Apple. is a very successful company that this can understand how to motivate the employees. In extrinsically determined, Apple Inc. provides the more 3%-5% of benefit based together with the employees' regular wage. Then when the employees worked well in the company Apple, they can get a free iPhone or iPod. (Erik Hammel, 2012)

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