Mexico Metropolis Essay

Mexico City versus Tenochtitlan

With the nickname, The Jerusalem from the New World, you might expect electricity, greatness, and religious dominance from the newly found city of New South america. These aspects were an element of the new capital but in the cost of a wonderful and groundbreaking city, Tenochtitlan. After the destruction of Tenochtitlan, Mexico City had to create its own id. This would need converting by " a republic of confusion and evil” to a " mother of pays and kingdoms. ” Those two extremes will be interesting to compare and contrast regarding two cities. One can notice in what aspects Mexico Metropolis resembled plus the features that diverged from the design of Tenochtitlan.

However the cities had been built with distinct ideas at heart, they shared some identical characteristics. Tenochtitlan and South america City were two large cities in that period of time. The people of Tenochtitlan was around 200, 500 people, which was almost 5 fold the amount of persons living in London at the time. The moment Cortes was constructing South america City, this developed into a characteristic that became an integral part of the new capital. Since the moments of its development, Mexico Metropolis has grown to get the third greatest city on the globe. Another similarity of the two cities is usually their distributed network of canals and roads. Mainly because Mexico Town was created right on top of the desecrated Tenochtitlan, the constructors had to use some of the facilities that was readily available to them. This included the roads and canals that allowed the location to haul goods and transport persons in and out from the city. The Spaniards used these features in a way that allowed the city to grow and become powerful quickly. This fast expansion resulted in Mexico Town gaining it as the cultural, politics, religious, and economic capital of the newly discovered place.

Even though there are some commonalities between the two cities, there are several differences that cannot be...

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