Cell Phone Design Essay

Write down ideas: New Cellular Pone Idea

Think-tank: All of us recognize that persons want more durable cell phones. Calculators run on solar powered energy, why cannot we use this technology to aid our cellular phones perform Generate new ideas: Solar Power/battery power cell phone

Think of Techniques your item will be Exclusive: It can be billed without an store if it is in reach of the sun's rays. It could be the to begin its kind. People also be a battery in case there is no sunlight. But the battery pack can be charged by solar power if you need more Find What Market you are going toward: We are advertising to the people who also are sick of their particular cell phone about to die on them in an important condition. We can likewise sell this technology to other cell phone company's and make money away that. This is also for people who want to be green. Feasibility: This product is obviously feasible as a result of how advanced solar power is becoming. We think that the would be a great product and would really innovate the cell phone market. What it means to us: We think that this will be a great style for a cellular phone because it is not merely good for the surroundings, but it is additionally a way for folks to truly feel more safe if they are in an area where they cannot charge their very own cell phone but need to speak to someone. This would be a great new design if it came out. Cellular phones are one of the best things to ever before happen to our every day lives. Someday I hope to have crazy things within my cell phones. Awesome would it become if your meals is lifeless, and needs some hot sauce, and all you are doing is spray some out of your Motorolla. That would be amazing. I believe that enhancements like the hot sauce telephone would genuinely benefit society and generate our world a far safer place. Imagine if perhaps someone is getting robbed, and may jsut squirt hot marinade in the eye of the robber. Ouch.... that could hurt. I like cell phones.

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