Essay regarding Modern Technology: Need or High-class

Both equally, their required luxuries. I find myself these ( cell phones, televisions, computers ) materialistic

recreation have become absolutely essential in a huge percentage from the human population. Tv has been

around since the past due 1800's as then the been absolutely essential to have. Our generation will be being delivered

to a television set in the home. This has educated us by birth to be aware of that if it is a home it has a

tv. And if it does'nt. How come?

Nowadays tv has become a luxurious. Everyone wants the best television. The biggest

television. I actually for one was a size seeker when choosing a television set. I want the best looking television

there is using a booming surround sound system having a built in every single and xbox 360. I'de want the

display screen to be at least 95 inches using a black shinny base & going down the medial side of the capital t. v theirs two

video poker machines, one to get the playstation game titles and a single for the xbox 360 game titles. Over each slot theirs the logo of

the system about this. And two censor remotes for each system.

Cell phones have become a need over time. The first cellular phones were high-class cause certainly not

everyone can afford one particular. They were big and heavy. But if you owned 1, you had been considered as

someone important. In that case came small models of the cell phone. After that came the styles. By then

everybody was hooked to mobile sales and marketing communications. No more flowing home cause you might miss an

crucial call. No longer pens overflowing in your pocket. Cause before all their were cellular phones their were

pens. Over the years cell phones are becoming a necessity as a result of world changing. Children carry

mobile devices for protection. People use and need all of them for business purposes. There are many

diverse reasons for needing a cellular phone these days. And so yes mobile phones are to some degree a necessity.

Computers are defenitely a necessity. What would we all do without them? There has been

\computers as far as I know. We really need them to...

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