My Car Essay

п»їShade Pomeroy

Mrs. Eliopulos

20 September 2014

English 101-1501

My Car

While i look at my personal car all I can consider is the upcoming for it and exactly how glorious it can look while i am completed. I travel a carbon steel gray 2013 Volkswagen GTI and i also love it. At present I just have a couple of alterations done to it but I have a list of strategies for the future, to get when I find the money. In the list of changes, current and future, I could divide the modifications in three primary categories; engine power, beauty appearance, and handling. A number of the modifications may be in for than one category but all the modifications bring about my car looking, sounding, and feeling tremendous. Engine power was your first thing My spouse and i started to work on when I first got my car. First I actually went to a tuning shop and had Leo, the owner of the shop, install an APR stage you reflash which took the auto from 200hp to about 250hp. That modification actually woke the auto up rendering it a little quicker and a lot more entertaining to drive. Another power changes I did was a cat-back exhaust which claimed to give the car 15 more horse power but I did not experience any big difference. The cat-back exhaust simply made the auto louder and gave the car a more aggressive look through the back. After the cat-back exhaust system I set up an atmosphere intake which can make the car even more fuel useful, gave this about a few extra hp, and allowed the car to have awesome whack off audio. The final electric power modification I possess done so considerably was gaining a three inch downpipe and a stage2 reflash which usually took the vehicle from about 255hp to about 280hp. My electric power modification I really hope to enter the future invariably is an intake a lot more, larger energy injectors, Audi r8 coil packs, a ko4 turbo kit via APR, and a larger intercooler. For cosmetic appearance I have not performed too many things yet but the things I possess done built the car seem much better and gave it a little bit of my own style. The very first thing I did intended for appearance was changing my head light...

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