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Summer finally came and my parents decided that our friends and family was going to take a trip somewhere out from the country. They said we required to experience a different sort of culture. Before my family and I could commence planning our trip, we had to decide wherever we would like to visit. My family and I looked at various countries plus they all got their own unique traditions that was out. The main one I appreciated the most, nevertheless, was New Zealand. New Zealand has an interesting history, a variety of terrain features and unique persons.


The first people to find New Zealand were the Maori people. They first found its way to New Zealand in regarding the tenth century A. D. (" About”). Today, Maori people make up 14 percent in the New Zealand population (" About”). The Maori people named Fresh Zealand " land in the long, light, cloud” (" About”). Europeans first sighted New Zealand in the seventeenth century through the early nineteenth century English settlers experienced arrived. New Zealand became a British colony in 1840 with the putting your signature on of the Waitangi Treaty (Smelt 19). The Treaty of Waitangi is important to the Fresh Zealand persons. This agreement between the English Crown plus the Maori Chiefs is the beginning document of recent Zealand (Shepard 51). In 1852 The united kingdom allowed New Zealand to become self-governing. Since people continuing to migrate to Fresh Zealand there is an increasing with regard to the property. Conflict among settlers and the Maori at some point led to terrain wars almost 50 years ago. In the end, the Maori lost the battle and their property (Smelt 24). New Zealanders have sought to modify capitalism by doing damage to privilege, broadening human opportunities through education, and providing secure career, free amounts and inexpensive casing (" New” 247a).


Fresh Zealand can be found about 1000 miles southeast of Down under in the Southern region Pacific (Gillespie 14). New Zealand consists of two significant islands and several smaller kinds surrounding this (" New” 245). The entire area of Fresh Zealand is approximately 267, 710 square miles. Compared to other countries, Fresh Zealand is a seventy-fifth country. New Zealand is about the size of Colorado (" About”). The climate in New Zealand is temperate with well-defined regional clashes because of its site in the sea (" CIA”). New Zealand has serious weather and summer drought (" New” 247b). The regular temperature severe New Zealand has knowledgeable is eighty-five degrees in January and thirty-five deg in September (Shepard 131). New Zealand has a selection of landscapes which include glaciers, mountains, plains, mountains, forests, scenic plateaus, and miles of coastline with sandy shorelines (" About”). There are in least 20 or so large lakes and many smaller sized ones in New Zealand (Smelt 10). From the southern region of Pond Taupo to White Tropical isle is a seatbelt of geysers, boiling dirt pools, and hot water springs (Smelt 11). Natural hazards in New Zealand consist of earthquakes and volcanic activity. Environment problems include deforestation, soil chafing, native flora and fauna (" CIA”). Only 28 percent of New Zealand remains forested, with most of the land having been cleaned for cropping land and pasture (Gillespie 10). Natural resources contain natural gas, flat iron ore, fine sand, coal, hardwood, gold and limestone (" CIA”).


New Zealand's separating from other landmasses about a million years ago allowed many old plants and animals to survive and develop in isolation (" About”). New Zealand has plants and creatures, which are indigenous there. Botanica is a variety of unique crops and fauna is unique pets. They cannot be found anywhere else in the world...

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