Nutritive Bread from Ampalaya Momordica Charantia Linn Essay

Nutritive Bread from Ampalaya (Momordica charantia Linn)


Justine Mae A Membrido

Ciara They would Intoy

Patricia Mae S Batulinao

Makati Science High School

February 2013

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Backdrop of the Study----------------------------------------------------------------------------4

Statement from the Problem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Significance in the Study----------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Range and Limitations-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Review of Related Literature-----------------------------------------------------------------------6

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The purpose of this research is to provide cheap and standard bread from ampalaya, which is known to be healthy, powerful and also economical. The ampalaya puree will probably be mixed to other cooking materials such as yeast, sweets, salt and flour. The results suggest that ampalaya could be additive for making nutritive loaf of bread.


History of the Examine

Ampalaya is a veggie grown through the Philippines. It can be mostly nurtured, although outrageous forms is available. It increases raging inside the remote parts of Mt. Banahaw. As its name suggests (bitter melon), the vegetable includes a bitter flavor due to the presence of Momordicin.

There is much research done around the effectiveness of it in the treatment of diseases such as liver challenges, Diabetes and HIV. It has been shown to maximize production of beta skin cells by the pancreatic, thereby enhancing the body's capacity to produce insulin. It is also employed in the treatment of skin diseases, sterility in females, as a parasiticide, as an antipyretic, and as a purgative.

BreadВ is aВ staple foodВ prepared byВ cooking doughВ ofВ flourВ andВ waterВ and often added ingredients, including butter or perhaps salt to enhance the taste. It can be one of the earliest prepared food. It is includes a significance over and above mere nutrition in many nationalities.

In each and every Filipino dining, we usually see grain because we, Filipinos take pleasure in rice. It really is present whenever and all over the place. It is important to have rice because it is full of nutrition. But , loaf of bread has the same nutrients while rice. Filipinos eat loaf of bread on breakfast time and bread is a good replacement for rice specifically for those people who won't be able to afford obtaining rice.

Ampalaya (Momordica charantia Linn) as a great additive to bread might really help Filipinos to acquire healthy foods. They have different benefits for people and it would be superb if it can be added to bread.

Statement of the Problem

Main Problem:

This examine aims to find the effectiveness of applying ampalaya because an preservative to bread.

Specific Inquiries:

Is ampalaya an effective way to obtain nutrients pertaining to nutritive breads?

Is the nutritive bread by ampalaya named beneficiary to every human?

Would this study help Filipinos to experience a cheap and healthy food?

Significance of the Examine


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First of All, We, the scholars of IV- Sir Isaac Newton, happen to be grateful to The Almighty Goodness for leading us in finishing this research pitch.

Next, we would like to express the deepest honor to our Medical Research Practicum teacher, Mister Jon Sithli Paras Mendoza, for encouraging us to pursue this topic and spent extra time helping all of us to achieve a clearer structure.

We as well place on record, our admiration to one and all who, straight and not directly, who have given their assisting hand in this project.

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