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WebEx Sales and marketing communications Inc. is a Cisco firm that provides on-demand collaboration, on-line meeting, internet conferencing and videoconferencing applications. Its products consist of Meeting Middle, Training Center, Event Middle, Support Centre, Sales Centre, MeetMeNow, PCNow, WebEx GOAL Pro Organization Edition, WebEx WebOffice, and WebEx Hook up. WebEx started in 1996 under the name ActiveTouch [verification needed] by Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu. Zhu got co-founded Long term Labs (one of the 1st companies to produce multi-point file collaboration software) in 1991. Zhu met Iyar, then a vice president and general manager of Quarterdeck, the moment Quarterdeck attained Future Labs in mil novecentos e noventa e seis. Iyar was named president of Future Labs, which will had been built a Quarterdeck subsidiary, as well as the same season Iyar and Min proceeded to co-found WebEx. On March 12-15, 2007, Cisco Systems announced it would acquire WebEx for $3. 2 billion. Traveling Software, now known as LapLink, originally held a software item called WebEx, which sent to the general public in June 1996. The LapLink merchandise called WebEx was a electricity to be work as a companion to be utilized for offline world wide web browsing, a feature which is at this point integrated in most commercial modern day internet browsers. Vacationing Software at first registered the WebEx hallmark in May mil novecentos e noventa e seis. However , in 1999, after the original founder of LapLink delivered as CEO, Traveling Software/LapLink. com distributed the rights to the WebEx name to the company that is known today as WebEx. Securities

Before the purchase simply by Cisco, WebEx featured in the NASDAQ Global Select Market. Cisco buy

On Mar 15, 3 years ago, Cisco Devices announced that completely agreed to shell out $57 every share to get WebEx. The offer values WebEx at about $3. 2 billion, or $2. 9 billion dollars when WebEx's cash reserves are factored into the purchase price. WebEx's greatest stockholder is usually Jan Baan with 9% of spectacular shares. In a press release Carbonilla said WebEx would " become a component to Cisco's Development...

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