Personal Knowledge Essay

Personal Experience

It was on the 25th of Oct when we had been celebrating a spiritual holiday called Eid ing Ad'ha. It really is somewhat just like Christmas since our custom is take in cook a feast, which is composed of rice, cooked with several spices or herbs and lamb chops. Yet this rather than lamb chops we cooked a whole goat. We had to create that much meat due to the fact that there was such numerous friends partying with us. I was about 35 people and because of that number we had to locate a place that could fit all of our friends. We found a cabin that was just right.

It was on the Friday early morning when we remaining Manhattan with all our items and headed to the log cabin, which was in Salina, regarding 2 mine away from below. It was clean trip until we were at the end of our trip. At the end from the Journey the GPS advised us to consider a convert which was an inactive end so we were misplaced. We looked everywhere for your place and somehow we found that after an additional hour . 5 of taking the time to go aimlessly without clue where to go. We were thus happy and psyched that we reached our final and desired destination yet we had a bigger problem now, We had to navigate one more 6 automobiles to the same place keeping in mind that there wasn't any cell phone protection or any internet service so there were an extremely difficult experience navigating disappointed friends. We had to drive around in the car in search for cellular coverage.

Today all our close friends were here and we were delighted that everyone came up but now it had been time for the hardest part, food preparation for about 30 starving guests. This was an issue for me ?nternet site have never prepared for more than eight people and it was my personal first time preparing food goat's various meats which needed 6 hours to prepare food by itself, the rice required another hour to make and I was seeking efficiency. It was hard and I was under the direction of one of my friends who won't cook anything at all except goats. After cooking food the meat we marinated it which includes oil and turmeric then put it in the oven which in turn would make the meat...

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