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Sin tax bill fixed into law

More Filipinos will liberate from the vices of cigarette smoking and consuming and will make them start a healthier lifestyle.

Possible increase in sales revenue.

Universally Accessible More affordable and Top quality Medicines Action of 2008 Protect public health and ensure use of affordable top quality drugs and medicines for all. Decrease in sales because there may be a shift. From sports drink to medicines.

Food Safety Action of 2013

Strengthen the food regulatory system in the country to safeguard consumer into the facilitate marketplace access of local foods and foods and for additional purposes.

Even more buyers and increase in sales revenue.

Customer Act from the Philippines

Safeguard the interest of the consumer, showcase his basic welfare also to establish specifications of conduct for business and industry.

Brand awareness of the consumers that can result to market share and client loyalty.


Higher duty

More expensive, increase in the prices of goods and minimize in product sales and income.

Sin goverment tax bill signed in to law

The " desprovisto tax” rules was already authorized by the Chief executive and is projected to generate P33. 96 billion in earnings in the initially year of implementation.

What the law states raising taxes on smoking cigarettes and alcoholic beverages will be applied starting By. 1 2013. The law was obviously a victory resistant to the powerful smoking cigarettes lobby and would provide extra funds for better health care and features. The Director said the increased profits would advantage more persons under the widespread healthcare system and enable Filipinos to acquire themselves of new and/or better clinics and hospitals.

" The fundamental rule of this rules is unequivocal: We want health advantages within reach of everyone, rich or perhaps poor, since every Filipino's life is almost holy. We will certainly elevate the standard of public health of the nation. This will likely be the key to the land robustly making the most of the...

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