Philosophy- Is definitely Memory Reliable? Essay

Position Paper #2

How could I provide evidence that my recollection or thinking processes will be reliable? There really is no good approach to answer this kind of question. My own first thought was, very well that should be easy, because I am able to prove my personal memory is reliable by fact that I recall where class is every day that I turn up. If I can remember where the class is, that must show my personal memory is definitely reliable. However I noticed that I'm depending upon a storage to come up with that example. Can make the question look like a paradoxon to possibly try and answer, because in order to figure out when there is a way to show my memory is trusted, I must make use of my recollection to recollect memories that might apply, and I must also believe the accuracy and reliability of the remembrances I might combine as example. I cannot demonstrate memory reliability by using reasoning drawn from the assumption which the memories I actually used are reliable. This seems to produce a fallacy in logic just before even starting.

In reality it seems easy to admit yes, even though our memories are sometimes incorrect, generally more often than not they are proper. We know this because we all recall from your memory many times each day to complete the simplest duties. If our memory was that flawed, we would be unable to endure on a daily basis. In which do I receive water? How do I get meals? How do I drive a car? Whilst this does show that individuals are able to depend on our remembrances to total everyday responsibilities, it doesn't demonstrate our recollection is regularly true. We cannot be sure that any storage we've ever had actually took place exactly the approach we remember it (unless material resources are used, just like video or perhaps pictures to back up the memory) because of a great number of problems with recollection like misconception and contortion. Memories could be easily altered and modified in many different methods, from basic re-telling wherever little particulars may be unknowingly changed each time a memory is definitely told, to the power of advice in which a completely false recollection can be incorporated into a persons mind and believed to be true...

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