Essay upon Philosophy of Education

Idea of Education

My idea of education is based on the ideas which i have regarding education that are framing my own critical goals as an educator at this moment. Like a teacher I think that it is important to be aware of the needs, strong points and abilities of each of my pupils. With this kind of awareness, We are able to obstacle each scholar in what Vygotsky calls their " area of proximal development. " At the same time, I will use this info to help build the self-esteem of each and every child, by creating activities in which he / she will be powerful while developing as a student. Further, I believe that as a teacher I should focus on the whole child and not simply teaching a specific subject matter. Therefore I do believe I should divorce their academics lives off their personal lives. Therefore I will utilize strategies and strategies that provides the child's interpersonal, social and emotional needs. Like a teacher on the elementary level I know that I should make an effort to help my students produce interdisciplinary connections. Not only if the various subject areas be connected, although also the actual child learns in school should have some significance or importance in the children's experience of the earth. One of my own primary desired goals as a instructor is being sure that students will be questioning the phenomena within their worlds, and learning to assess and believe critically of the worlds. This goal retains important for any discipline place, be it technology, math, cultural studies or language. Let me strive to build a safe class room environment which is conducive to learning, wherever students may take risks and be supported by all their peers and teacher. Let me also try to At the same time, it truly is my responsibility to ensure that my personal lessons aren't limited to the child's immediate experience although is trying to give every single child a broader global view. Furthermore I see multiculturalism, as a process that uses the classroom and should end up being embraced by teacher....

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