Pop Music Essay

Pop music in the 21st Century

Hi there! Everyone, It is the weekly podcast. I'm Terry Lam. Today I'm going to speak about pop music in the 21st Century. Basically, pop music is short for well-liked music and nowadays, there are many countries on the globe are doing put music like Britain, America, Korea, The japanese, Africa and China, and among all of the countries, recently the most famous pop music nation is Korea and The japanese which is called K-pop and J-pop and they are extremely popular through the whole world. In pop music, guitar is the most used tool and also other types of electric guitars like bass sounds, acoustic and electric guitar. In addition to other devices such as keyboard, keyboard, plats, organs, synthesizers, brass, choc, strings and vocals. Many pop music is doing in bands and several are doing in single. The functions of put music are often repetitive and it gets into a sort of pattern, it also promotes dancing too.

Before, folk music was most common audio form for all classes of individuals, but considering that the mid-1950's appear music continues to be identified as the music and the music styles that are accessible to the widest target audience. This means the background music that provides the most replications, draws the biggest concert audiences, and is enjoyed most often for the radio.

There are plenty of people are performing pop music, and the age of people who are performing it are very large, like in Korea, a group named Girls' Tale. They are the most youthful ever take music group – with an average age of beneath 10, and they have already released their own recording. And there is one more band in Britain referred to as The Zimmers. The most ancient member was created in 1913, and this individual has perished two years back which having been already 98 years old.

In Britain, there are quite a lot well-known pop vocalists like one particular direction, Carley Rae Jepson, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry and etc… These performers are all extremely popular in 2012. They may have all introduced their own MV on YouTube and their MV have over a hundred or so thousand...

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