Debut Collections and Cue Card Composition

Speaking test out


- What is the full name?

- Can I see your ID, make sure you?

- In which are you by?

- Do you really live in a house or a flat?

- Which in turn part of your house do you like one of the most? Why?

-- What makes your property pleasant?

- Do you like sports activities?

- Explain the kind of places people perform in your region. Why? -- Have you ever tried sports?

- Do you think sport affects the person performing it?

- Is there any sport you would like to try?

"cue" Card

Identify how you generally communicate with friends and family. Please declare: - Are you communicating by simply phone, words or emails?

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?

- Perform your friends accept this way of communication?

-- Which approach do they prefer?


- Compare letter-writing currently and a century ago.

- What do you think about the future of letter-writing?


- Is it possible to tell me your full name?

-- Do you operate or research?

- Might you recommend that work to others?

-- What places of entertainment have you frequented lately?

- What entertainment facilities are available in your city?

-- What other areas would you like generally there to be?

-- Do you often take a tote with you whenever you are out?

- Do you usually take the same bag, also to different events? - Precisely what is important to you when you choose a bag?

Cue Card

Discuss a book you could have read and even read again. Please declare - What book can it be?

- What exactly is it about?

-- What do you learn coming from it?

-- Explain so why would you like to examine it once again?


-- Do you think that men and women like to look at the same kind of books? - Do you think that reading a book is more difficult than observing a movie depending on the publication? - How come do you think several books turn into internationally well-liked? - Do you consider it is easy to create a movie based on a book? Speaking test


- What is your full name?

- Tell me about the city you live in.

- Is it possible to tell me about your relatives and cousins?

-- Who do you like the most from your relatives as a child?

"cue" Card

Explain the voyage you had been on since a child. Please say:

- Where did you go?

- Who was there with you?

- How was that trip?

- For what reason do you still remember that quest?


- What rewards can a person acquire when they travel around?

- What are the ways of traveling inside your country?

- Do you think travel and leisure will change over the following 50 years?


- What is your full name?

- What is their hometown?

-- How big is your household?

- What job will you do?

-- What type of clothes do you prefer?

"cue" Card

Talk about any traditional event. You should say

-- What was the event?

- Where did it happen?

- Once did it happen?


- How does the history affect us?

- Perhaps you have ever been into a museum?

- What do you learn via it?

- Should museums be free of charge for everyone?

-- What ought to people give to a museum in the future?


-- What is your complete name?

- Wherever do you prefer to have, in a residence or a flat? Why?

-- What is your preferred place in your property? Why?

"cue" Card

Identify a beautiful place of nature that you would like to visit. Make sure you say -- Where can it be?

- Which are you choosing?

- Exactlty what can you see right now there?


-- How can we all preserve areas of natural beauty?

- How do we safeguard places of natural beauty?

-- Do you consent that exploration should be restricted in these areas? - Just how can we end people by destroying these places?

- How can we add more natural beauty to the city?

Speaking check


- What is their full name?

- Do you job or study?

- How come have you selected your area of studies?

-- Do you buy clothes online?

- What is the favorite style?

- Can be fashion progressively more important nowadays?

Cue Cards

Describe your favorite TV show that you just enjoy watching regularly. You should say - What is it regarding?

- When is the best shown?

-- Why would you like it?


- Is usually TV dropping its acceptance to on the net broadcasting? For what reason?

- What are the advantages of TELEVISION SET for unhappy people?

-- Are there any dangers of TV for...

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